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Hello every one some simple ideas and one pots.  These are on stock pot cooking just a Ragu I use.

A Ragu is an Italian tomato based sauce and stew that you can make.  All is needed is the selection of ready diced vegetables from the supermarket.

Or you could use a food processor slicer or a nicer dicer . This is a gadget that allows vegetable's to diced up.

Use up what you have in the fridge.

I use the following Onions, Leeks, Celery, Carrots, and Kale.

I used the following pulse to add Tinned Chickpeas, Cannellini Beans, Borlotti Beans or Tinned Lentils very good in this any of those.

Jar of Passata and a stock you can make from either vegetables or use vegetable bouillon or granules.

As in my soup recipes.  Just Onions, Carrots, Celery use skins, ends and leaves of Celery the ends vegetables with herbs any and use one pint of granules or bouillon make up and let it simmer on the hob in a saucepan.  Cool and blitz blender, sieve anything residues.

In a sieve over a bowl.  Stock made.

I used the following meats in this . Chicken Legs, Thighs, Sausages,  Pork Shoulder Steaks , Offal, Heart, Liver.  Any of those.

Through the week .  Of course any vegetables left over made in to an instant soup as another meal in the week.

Every time you make this.

I often get asked to any Ragu what herbs can I add, or any spices.

Herbs such as Thyme, Rosemary, go well use dried if you wish to half a teaspoon, or use a mix. Some super markets sell an Italian mix that is fine half a teaspoon.

Spices a seasoning I use is Worcester sauce used Paprika or a touch of Cayenne.

I also make a mix of Onion Powder or Granules, Garlic Powder or Granules with Black Pepper.  This insinuates the flavours of the vegetables and meat. Savoury taste heighted flavours.


In a stockpot add touch of Olive oil and butter one sliced Onion, Leeks chopped diced and washed season with Worcester sauce and my seasoning just mentioned.  Onion, Garlic, Black Pepper mix.  Sauté on a medium heat.

Add one Carrot diced and Celery. You could use food processor slicer if you wish to. 

In a blender add half a jar of Passata 690g plus stock half a pint might not use it all .

Blitz up.  Add to a bowl or a jug to pour when ready to stockpot.

Meat what you wish to use.  Use a zip bag add meat some seasoning and shake. Add to the stockpot.

Herbs you wish to use add those to vegetables or spices your choice.

Add Stock to cover and leave for. about hour on the hob long and slow.

Last 30 minutes add washed Kale and any tinned pulse you wish to use. All pulses have been cooked already so just need to warm through.

Kale is a leafy green does not need a lot of cooking last thirty minutes be OK.

Cover for another thirty minutes or more  . I would adjust timings. I know done this recipe most nights around 2hrs.

The thing is that is the whole purpose of this meal long and slow the vegetables are tender the meat coming away from bone or flesh.

Great with Chicken or Pork Shoulder Steaks. Certain types like Liver a little shorter time does not need that long maybe around thirty minutes.

I did this with Lambs Liver sliced thin took me forty minutes slow cook.

Also Heart, Sausages the same as I have done different meats using the same vegetables combinations through the week.  With different pulses.

Just something to have a simple no fuss meal to eat one pot not much washing up.

You can leave it and do something else and you know you have a simple Ragu on the hob. Waiting for you.

You can use this with a slow cooker great.  Probably need to do this on a medium or low setting for a four hours.

Please if any one has anything they wished to know please ask me.

Happy to answer.

Please take care.


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  • April2018mom
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    Sounds tasty @thespiceman! Do you have a recipe for salad or not? 
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @April2018mom   Thank you for kind words.

    Please can I ask your request?  What sort of salads?  There are hundreds of recipes for salads.

    You do not need Lettuces to make salads have lots of them using Pasta, Beans, Grains, what is in stores.  Cupboards, freezer and fridge.

    Using vegetables those packs of Beetroot all ready cooked.  You can buy ready prepared salad ingredients as well.

    Fish those tins of Tuna or Salmon, defrosted seafood Prawns, seafood mix using Squid, Mussels, Prawns.

    Cooked Chicken my favourite one.  With bottled dressing, and home made ones .

    Happy to share . Please just let me know.  Please if you can what specifically salad you wish to know how to do.

    Only salads I do not do are the boring ones with Lettuce and Tomato.

    Thank you .

    Please take care.

    Community Champion
    SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
    Mental Health advice, guidance and information to all members
    Nutrition, Diet, Wellbeing, Addiction.


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