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Work place discrimination

LAmesXOXLAmesXOX Member Posts: 18 Connected
I have had two ejections from different employees today I always get the same patronising emails we're really sorry you were great but on this occasion you were not successful it's even worse now as employers can hire someone with a hidden disability and discriminate against me someone with a visible disability and get away with it. 

I actually think they should legalise assisted suicide and I wish I had the courage to take my own life society just views me as a useless cripple I'm a second class citizen but its completely un acknowledged now able bodied people are pretending to be disabled just to claim benefits and it's people like me who look disabled that bear the hostility from society I'm sick of feeling hopeless and seeing abled bodies people getting all the opportunities I have been doing zero hour contracts for 5 years and no one will pay me over £17000.00 a year a cripple should not be paid anything over minimum wage but I have met 30 year old attractive abled bodied people that has never worked a day in there life walk into a £21000.00 a year job how is that fair I have never felt this low I literally wish I had the balls to jump in front of a train because there will never be any fairness or equality for someone like me 


  • pollyanna1052pollyanna1052 Member Posts: 2,032 Disability Gamechanger
    Oh love! Your post has touched me to reply.
    I dont know if my words will help, but let me try.

    Your feelings are understandable.....you are striving to work...not a scrounger at all......you see others getting on where you wish to be.

    But I thought disability discrimination is illegal? Yeh, I guess they dress it up in other ways, to avoid employing you. So cant the job centre do anything about this for you?

    You are worth more.....please seek help in your distressed state....I`m hopeful you will. xxxx

  • Richard_ScopeRichard_Scope Posts: 2,840

    Scope community team

    Hi @LAmesXOX
    I can relate to most of what you have said with regards to employment agencies and job rejection. In the past, I have applied for over 100 jobs before I have gotten an interview. The frustration can be overwhelming especially when you have other people to provide for so I do understand. 

    It is true that disabled people both with visible and invisible impairments face unnecessary discrimination in the job market but we need to stick together to create a social change.

    What type of work are you applying for?
    Specialist Information Officer - Cerebral Palsy

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  • Sam_AlumniSam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,729 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @LAmesXOX
    I am sorry to hear about the jobs you applied for, it is so disappointing when you get turned down for a role. I understand the frustration around this, but people with hidden disabilities are also struggling and perhaps it isn't helpful to put the blame on those people? Comparing yourself to others is something we all do but it can be damaging to our self esteem.

    It sounds like you are really frustrated, and that is understandable. Have you seen Scope's employment services?

    All of our employment support services are designed for working-age disabled people. The information below can help you find the right programme.

    Support to Work

    Support to Work is for you, if you:

    • are looking for paid work
    • are happy with online and telephone support
    • live in England or Wales. 

    Support to Work programme information.

    Starting Line

    Starting Line is for you, if you:

    • are at the start of your journey into work
    • are starting to look for training, volunteer and work opportunities
    • prefer face-to-face support and group sessions
    • live in London, Leeds or Calderdale.

    Starting Line programme information.


    Kickstart is for you, if you:

    • are looking for paid work
    • prefer face to face support, on a one-to-one basis
    • live in London or Leeds. 

    Kickstart programme information.

    Perhaps one of these might be helpful to you? 

    You mention feeling suicidal and here is a bit of advice from mental health charity MIND:

    Going to your GP is a good starting point. It is common to feel worried about talking to your doctor about suicidal feelings, but they will be used to listening to people who are experiencing difficult feelings.

    Your GP can:

    If you don't feel you can keep yourself safe right now, seek immediate help.

    • go to any hospital A&E department (sometimes known as the emergency department)
    • call 999 and ask for an ambulance if you can't get to A&E
    • ask someone else to contact 999 for you or take you to A&E immediately

    If you need some support right now, but don't want to go to A&E, here are some other options for you to try:

    I'm sorry you are having such a tough time.
    Senior online community officer
  • AmesXOXAmesXOX Member Posts: 16 Courageous
    Yeah I understand that people with a hidden disability will have a difficult time with taking time off work or temporarily going on sick pay as people don't believe them but they don't get the social exclusion or work place exclusion I've worked in housing for a few years ive tempted around different projects I wish I was taught about discrimination  because it is an issue that no one will admit to but I would not have learnt the hard way   because of how I look people will take there insecurities out on me I've been harassed so many times that it actually doesn't bother me anymore I've just learned to completely blank people and get on with my job it use to really upset me its normally groups of women that has an issue with me being equal to them or they feel I am below them ive never been harassed by a guy in the work place its normally two or three women with out meaning to sound harsh they have been giving the job because they look the part and have an issue with a cripple being at equal level to them but as long as you blank them do your job and make no attempt to befriend them or be accepted by them in any way they will kind of back off i wish someone had taught me this as I wouldn't have wasted the years I did getting upset and attempting to get acceptance from these people I would have realised this was normal people with hidden disabilities generally don't put up with this unless it's an obvious mental health condition I've actually been harassed by a person saying they have a hidden disability so there is definitely a side which if you look normal you will be treated better and the bullying and harassment is always done in a passive aggressive way its very difficult to prove actually all social research will say the worst thing to do with work place bullying is complain as they cannot sack two or three people and are more likely to believe two or three peoples word over yours  if I could just get a permanent job in the industry that I love doing i would be happy I've passed the stage of wanting to be accepted by work place cliques as that is very unlikely to happen I just see everyone else being giving a chance to climb the ladder accept me 
  • AmesXOXAmesXOX Member Posts: 16 Courageous
    I'm not going to take my own life or attempt to I wish I had the courage to kill myself as I wouldn't be suffering like this I'm pretty much excluded from everything in the world I cant  have a relationship or a family because I am deformed I cannot get any kind of permanent employment because I am a cripple I can only get temporary positions where I am constantly harassed and I keep watching everyone around me get giving chances and opportunities and I can now be victimized by an abled bodied person claiming to have a hidden disability and ablied bodied people are taking all the resources so employment agencies are giving them more chances and opportunities 
  • Richard_ScopeRichard_Scope Posts: 2,840

    Scope community team

    Temping and Agency work is a tough gig. It is also true that in places where I have worked in the past temps haven't always been treated very well. So, I know that happens.

    The fact that you are still putting yourself out there after all of the challenges you have faced proves how much inner strength you have. As my colleague has suggested comparing yourself to others get you nowhere in the end. I know, I've done it.
    What is the industry you love? Maybe Scope's Employment Services can help?
    Specialist Information Officer - Cerebral Palsy

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  • AmesXOXAmesXOX Member Posts: 16 Courageous
    I can understand but its difficult to not compare your situation to other people I get so many interviews but I never get a job so I'm doing something right I've been giving such pathetic reasons for not getting employment as I said people that literally have claimed benefits all there life have walked into a £21000.00 a year jobs because they look the part i have been working for 5 disability for me has meant I never got to have a youth I have been excluded  discriminated and harassed all my life people with a hidden disabilities tick non of those boxes they are **** off because they want more benefits or there boss didn't believe them when they needed time off work I'm literally cracking up the worst thing is people will rub It in they will be elated about the fact they have no work experience and have walked straight into a job others has worked so hard to try and get it doesn't matter how hard you work the whole system is a load of **** if your disabled your accspected  to live in a council property claim benefits and volunteer twice a week only certain people are able to get certain  jobs theres suppose to be anti discrimination laws but they don't exist they will give all the jobs to the normal looking people thr hidden disability community so people like me cannot get jobs 
  • dolfrogdolfrog Member Posts: 440 Pioneering
    edited September 2019
    Been there, and still there.
    I was the victim of Disability Discrimination over 15 years ago, and it has been claimed that the owner of the compnay has a similar disability as me, the problem was more the local staff working for the company.

    They eventually closed our local branch to make me redundant, while all the other staff were transferred to other local branches. I went through what has been described as Post Traumatic Stress, for which I have had not any medical support. Such is the corrupt nature of the NHS support professionals regarding my disability.
    Over the years I have sent off many thousands of job applications and resulting in only one job interview. Such is the corrupt nature of employers unwilling to provide the required accommodations. 
    And yess assisted suicide would be the best option as all of my family share the same disability, and none are getting ther required support we need.
    Hopefully you will find a good solution for your issues.

  • LAmesXOXLAmesXOX Member Posts: 18 Connected
    There's no protection in my experience your only valued as human being if you look a certain way I was in a house fire at 18 I have live my whole life with a disability and disfigured the doctors had the chance to let me die they should have it would have been the most ethical thing to do  I have lived an awful life it doesn't matter how hard I work I am constantly victimized and harassed as I said previously if I new what I new now I wouldn't have waisted so much time getting upset I would have realised this was normal behaviour. I have mental health as well so I understand how much that can affect your life I'm normally a pretty private person again I feel like if I talk about my disability to much people are more likely to victimises and harass me as we live in a society of attention seekers and hypochondriacs so its better to let them have the attention and lime light I normally keep my self to my self I don't overshare about my condition and will just generally ignore someone if they start to harass me but all I can get is agency or temp work I phoned up for feed back and one of the positions was giving to a volunteer they will reject you on anything 
  • dolfrogdolfrog Member Posts: 440 Pioneering
    due to the complex nature of my communication disability, I am phone phobic, as I am not able to process what the other person may be saying, and I am not able to use my visual coping strategies.
    I was used by the UK medical research council to help them get government funding for a 5 year research program regarding my disability, and they needed me to run a support organisation for those who may be diagnosed as having the same disability. I had to run a telephone helpline, explain the issues to parents whose children may have the disability, and even UK support professionals seeking information. After the research program finished the so called medical professions who should be providing multi-discipline support went into denial that our disability exists, as thye would have to be retrained and use the same terminology to explain the real issues instead of marketing their career terminology to maintain their career incomes. Corrupt medical professionals.
    So the underlying cause of my depression, mental health issues, and suicidal tendencies are the UKs medical professionals who have failed to explain and provide the required  support for all of my family who have the same disability. Due to their lack of explaining th complex nature of our disability society as a whole has no awareness of the support, understanding and accommodations we require. They only want to hide their ignorance and massage their corrupt egos
  • AmesXOXAmesXOX Member Posts: 16 Courageous
    I'm sorry that does sound pretty rubbish to have a condition and no official diagnosis I get pretty angry the worst thing about disability is other peoples false assumptions I haven't had any support from no one people assume I'm some knowlegeles cripple that has loads if family and loads of people offering me support and saying kind things to me but my family don't view me as the same person now I'm deformed and its difficult to get anyone to accept me because of how I look 
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