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It makes no sense

DanteDante Member Posts: 14 Listener
i was on enhanced on dla but got downgraded to standard on  i scored 10 points what i do not understand is capita said no face to face as it would be too upsetting and stressful for me causing great anxiety then award only 2 points saying i could meet people face to face if encouraged when they accepted in phone assessment that i couldn't do it even if my carer was with me i should have had more points because i can't do face to face at all this was enough to ensure i didn't get the 12 points i needed i don't understand it how can they say i coudn't do it and then say i could do if if encouraged i have asked for a mandatory reconsideration for someone to explain it to me i will be unable to appeal if that fails as i am agoraphobic and unable to attend a tribunal also i can't meet people i don't know i wondered about anybody's advice or if anyone can make sense of this for me 


  • April2018momApril2018mom Posts: 2,869 Member
    Hello @Dante
    You can call them but I recommend writing instead.
    Use this form to request a MR https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/challenge-a-decision-made-by-the-department-for-work-and-pensions-dwp
    Give reasons to prove why you need the money. For example the fact you cannot work due to those issues and the fact you need a carer is not mentioned at all.
    The report omits those two pieces of very important information (example only). Mention agorophobia and what happens on a day to day basis. Jot down facts, examples and so on to use. Do not delay as you only have 28 days to contest their decision. 
  • JurphJurph Member Posts: 346 Pioneering
    I'm not the right person to offer advice to you but I do know you can have a paper based tribunal. The success rate isn't as high as going in person but there's still a chance.
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger

    May i ask how many points you scored for engaging with others?

    Giving reasons why you need the money is not great advice and the DWP and Tribunal will not be interested in any of those. The same for not being able to work because this isn't what PIP is about. People claim PIP and work.

    All they will be interested in is where you think you should have scored those points and your reasons why. Adding some real life examples of what happened the last time you attempted that activity for each descriptor that applies to you will also help.

    Yes, you have 1 month to request the MR once a decision's been made but with good reason you do have 13 months.
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