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Is road tax paid at 50% refundable?

66Mustang66Mustang Member Posts: 4,638 Disability Gamechanger
I paid for a year of road tax at the 50% rate when I was on the standard rate of mobility for PIP. I am now on the enhanced rate so can qualify for free road tax. I’m just wondering if I will get a refund for the remaining months of tax I have which I paid at 50% - or do you only get a refund if you paid full rate tax?



  • wilkowilko Member Posts: 2,284 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello when you tax your car next you take your usual papers plus your PIP excemption form and any refund owing will be refunded by DVLA in the form of a check. Remember your car will be taxed as a disabled vehicle and is for your use only. I have changed my car and not gone tax free as only £20 per year and my daughters can use it freely as not taxed as disabled. 
  • 66Mustang66Mustang Member Posts: 4,638 Disability Gamechanger
    Thanks for the reply wilko. Yes the vehicle is only driven by me or by someone else when I am present in the car. The tax for my old car is just over £150 a year (and that’s at half price!) so it will be quite a help to get some of that back.
  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,652 Disability Gamechanger
    Thank you for your support here @wilko. :)
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