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My poor plates of meat.

VOB Member Posts: 45 Pioneering
If only that PIP assessor could experience the pain that I have in my feet right now.
I've Just come in from work and my feet are agony. I have really thick. Orthotics which I have inside my running shoes. They do help a bit but the pain sets in after about  1.5 -2 hours of being on them.  Then it gradually worsens.
The PIP assessor wrote in  my report that I could walk for 2 hours before the pain started. Ha ha what a joke,  I couldn't do that before i had bad feet. 
I have a delema that in April 2020 I have to go to my nephew's wedding, I don't do socialising so that's a stress in itself but I can't for the life of me think what I'm going to wear on my feet. I can hardly wear a wedding outfit with a pair of running shoes now can I?
Any ideas what I can wear?
I just want to stay home.



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