Advice for ICE and Atos complaint and lies

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Back in March 2018 when I had my PIP assessment I secretly recorded the assessment. I know it’s illegal and what not. After what happened during the assessment and the subsequent  lies by the nurse I’m glad I did.
i put a complaint into ATOS and was treated like **** even when escalating the complaint. Obviously the managers at ATOS didn’t agree with my version of events. I then took the complaint to the ICE (independent case examiner) in April of 2018.
I had a call from them today and have been told that my complaint is being looked into and if I can let them have the recording which I’m more than happy to as it will expose all the lies that were written by the so called health professional.


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    Hi @ash5896

    So sorry you had to go through that experience,  and you are absolutely right to challenge them.

    However I think you need to get proper legal advice on how to proceed. 

    You can get free legal advice,

    We have published on our site a piece on finding legal help that I think might be useful to you. 

    Please do read this piece 

    Finding legal help 

    I hope it goes well and you do get some good legal advice on how to proceed.