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Hi, my name is tomsdad!

tomsdadtomsdad Member Posts: 3 Listener
I'm the father of a possibly unique young man. Somehow we've managed to produce a son who is profoundly autistic, has severe learning disabilities and Cystic fibrosis, just to put the cherry on the top! We're desperate to find a nursing home capable of meeting his complex medical and mental needs. Any ideas?


  • steve51steve51 Community champion Posts: 7,175 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @tomsdad

    Welcome it’s great to meet you today.

    I am one of a team of Community Champion’s here at Scope.

    I have a good friend Adrian, who is also a “Community Champion” here will hopefully be able to help you further!!!!!!

    Hi @Adrian_Scope

    Can you please help me with this post????


  • chiariedschiarieds Community champion Posts: 6,896 Disability Gamechanger
    edited January 2020
    Hi @tomsdad - Welcome to the community, & thank you very much for joining us all. I'm sorry to read about your son's complex problems. It's difficult to point you in the right direction without knowing your son's age, if you don't mind me asking. I may then be able to help you, but, if not, there are others here who may then better have some answers for you.
    Sorry, both Steve & I were replying at the same time, & I'm slow to type. I'm sure Adrian will be able to advise further. It may still be helpful to know your son's age.
  • tomsdadtomsdad Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Hi, I always forget to include the most important bit! Tom is nineteen years old, and I thank you on his, and our behalf for your sympathy. It really is appreciated. Please excuse the late reply, very late back from his hospital tonight.
  • chiariedschiarieds Community champion Posts: 6,896 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @tomsdad - How is Tom doing? I didn't realise he was in hospital; this must be difficult for you both.
  • tomsdadtomsdad Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Hi, Tom is a regular customer at our local hospital! Two pneumothorax in three months have taken quite a toll.
  • chiariedschiarieds Community champion Posts: 6,896 Disability Gamechanger
    I'm very sorry to read that. Our youngest daughter had a spontaneous pneumothorax immediately after she was born.
    Would the hospital have any ideas on a suitable nursing home for him? Is this something long-term you're needing to look into?
    Sorry for the questions; hope you don't mind, just they may help the Scope team to understand more when they're able to answer.
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