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Hello part of the menu for those wishing to prepare a meal for Valentine Day.

Again lots of cheat, tips, tricks and short cuts.

Not a lot of preparation.

This again need the following food processor or blender. Chopping board, knifes, Bowls,

Colander sauté pans saucepans.

You will need the following


First Course

Beetroot chickpea salad 

Pack of Beetroot cooked tin Chickpeas, Celery, frozen Green Beans defrosted, pack of Walnuts crushed or pieces.

Bottle of dressing Honey Mustard.

Second Course

Mushroom and Courgette Farfalle.

Mushrooms any even used jars.  Pack of Courgettes, Farfalle Pasta. Frozen Peas.

Jar Pasta Sauce your favourite.

Third Course.

Berry Cinnamon Crunch

Pack of mixed Berries frozen, defrosted.  Pack of Biscotti. Tub of Soya Yoghurt, Honey, Cinnamon small jar.


First Course.

Diced up Beetroot, Celery,  to a bowl.  Chickpeas and half cup of frozen Green Beans to a pan boiling water drain after a few minutes.

To bowl with diced Celery and Beetroot add dressing. one teaspoon to coat, Honey mustard fine. Add Walnuts mix and serve.

Second Course

Mushroom Courgette dice up, you can buy anti pasti jars with Courgettes, Mushrooms in oil no dicing.

To sauté pan and add Olive oil colour add Jar sauce your favourite.  Simmer.

Add Pasta to a pan salted water, according to packet.  Per person a handful add frozen Peas. Then drain to sauce mix and simmer serve.

Third Course.

Defrosted Berries in a bowl add tablespoon Soya Yoghurt touch of Cinnamon, drizzle of Honey mix.

Crush Biscotti in a freezer bag and add in mix in bowl and layer up in tall glasses.

Please hope this helps those, happy to be supportive any questions to answer.

Please take care.


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