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I got Worse

NellyMaggie Member Posts: 59 Courageous
Hi everybody, I never come back here because my health is not helping me! After my brain surgery in May last year I never get fully recovered. I have epilepsy and it’s affecting my heart, I have an appointment with a neurologist and some exams to do to because of the heart condition. I was talking to an adviser for scope to find another job, but I got very sick, I was in the hospital, and on of the time they transfer  me to another hospital because of the heart condition. It hasn’t be  easy, I’m a chef and I can do the hours that I normally do. I’m only working three, four days a week doing four or three hours or six. I never thought that I was going to have so many health problems, after the tumour, but it could be much worse I’m walking and talking and I don’t have any cognitive deficiency. In March I’ve a MRI I hope everything it’s ok it’s a benign tumour so I think it’s going to be ok. Thank you for being here,  I can get of my chest and it feels good !! 
Take care xx



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