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Covid_19... Vulnerable?? Help is here!!

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Just wanted everyone on here to know about help available in your area if you are isolating or you cannot get out due to medical or other reasons..
There is help available if you download the app GoodSAM Alerter which will help locate people on your area that can deliver medication, food and other help if you need it.
This is an excellent app for helping you whilst you are isolated.
Those who want to help and become a responder can register by visiting the following NHS website:

Potential volunteers are asked to fill in a form with their details.

Checks are then carried out before successful applicants are given login details for the "GoodSAM" Responder app.

Potential volunteers are asked to fill in a form with their details.

Checks are then carried out before successful applicants are given login details for the "GoodSAM" Responder app.

Four types of volunteers are listed on the NHS page which allows people to register.

They are:

  • Community response volunteers: This role involves collecting shopping, medication or other essential supplies for someone who is self-isolating. The volunteer would also deliver these supplies to their home.
  • Patient transport volunteer: This position supports the NHS by providing transport to patients who are medically fit for discharge, and ensuring they are settled safely back in to their home.
  • NHS transport volunteer: This role involves transporting equipment, supplies and/or medication between NHS services and sites. It may also involve assisting pharmacies with medication delivery.
  • Check-in and chat volunteer: These volunteers will provide short-term telephone support to individuals who are at risk of loneliness as a consequence of self-isolation.
We all have to pitch in and help our communities so please be careful and look after people around you....




  • 66Mustang
    66Mustang Community Co-Production Group Posts: 6,596 Disability Gamechanger
    Does anybody know if you can do the driving roles (community response volunteer / NHS transport volunteer, not patient transport) with a family member for “company” or do you have to do it by yourself?

    I would love to volunteer as a driver but I am unable to do anything like that on my own, I need someone with me to be able to leave the house as this is part of my issues.
  • Misscleo
    Misscleo Member Posts: 647 Pioneering
    Right but you havnt put the details up for us who are ill snd vulnerable to get help.
    I need help getting my prescriptions from the chemist & some shopping for maybe 12 weeks.
    Wheres the phone number ??

  • thespiceman
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    Hello @Misscleo   How can I help ?

    Please if I make a suggestion ask your surgery to set up Patients Access or other website providers.

    This means you order on line your prescription and then get it delivered.

    Please ask you Surgery for details to set this up or other option some companies do this by post.

    Send your prescription to you by post.

    Have text service or notify you by Email.

    Please speak to your Surgery should have this .

    Doctors I have sent text still saying deliver meds.

    Please can I add further useful booking appointments or any medical advice talk to team or member of staff leave messages.

    One other point have you looked on the on line websites.  For supermarkets need to do this constantly.

    As some supermarkets are adapting and changing decisions are altering so some slots available have to be quick.

    Please if I can help with anything please ask me.

    Happy to help, we all of us the team and Community Champions are here anytime to advise and support.

    Give you reassurance and some stress relief know every one is anxious,
    Please any questions have a look at our information need to know anything ask any one here .

    Please take care keep safe and warm.


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  • Jay1969
    Jay1969 Member Posts: 23 Connected


    Thanks for your enquiry, there is no phone number you have to download the app from App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android phones and register.
    If you are considered vulnerable then a local volunteer will be assigned to you.
    They WILL pick up your medication and deliver it to you if your chemist doesn’t have that facility already or that it’s the kind of medication that cannot be delivered only picked up such as controlled drugs etc.

    You can download the app from below..

  • Jay1969
    Jay1969 Member Posts: 23 Connected

    Sorry I forgot to mention they will also do your shopping etc for you too.

  • pollyanna1052
    pollyanna1052 Member Posts: 2,032 Disability Gamechanger
    Thankyou for putting this on here.
  • Jay1969
    Jay1969 Member Posts: 23 Connected


    You’re welcome... We all need to help each other at this difficult time...



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