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I didn't know where to post this (social anxiety stopping me posting it where family and friends may see at the moment). I'd love to read other's poems and pieces of writing. I've got bits of writing I've done with my kids as well I'll post when I'm not too panicky. Beware my writing isn't the best, I just needed to get thoughts out.

Have you ever noticed that like is drawn to like,
I’ve been helping friends with issues plenty,
Severe Depressive episodes and many a Mania spike,
Self-harm and suicide attempts,
Anxieties running riot and thoughts all-encompassing.

Have you ever noticed that like is drawn to like,
I reach my hand out to help all around,
Friend and stranger alike,
I struggle to reach out to talk,
But I’ll catch you when you feel your falling.

Have you ever noticed that like is drawn to like,
In these times I can not hold you,
When a tactile need may strike,
All I can do is watch through my screen,
It tears my hurt apart to here you all crying.

Have you ever noticed that like is drawn to like,
Yet when you reach that hand to me,
I say everything is fine,
I shut you out,
I don’t reply,
Everything is Fine,
I smile and dismiss, 
I carry on,
Everything is FINE.

Have you noticed like is drawn to like,
But when pushed I’ll tell the truth,
Yet I’m very good at omitting information,
Honestly, I’m FINE,
My body aches, 
My muscles pull at my joints,
Really, I’m FINE,
My head is buzzing,
The thoughts are so loud,
PLEASE believe I’m FINE.

Have you noticed like is drawn to like,
I will not judge but I’m scared that you will,
I’m inarticulate and typing gives me chance to chicken out,
Yet I’m scared to ask to call you,

Have you noticed like is drawn to like,
So please reach out your hand,
I always want to talk,
Even if it’s one-sided on your part,
I just need someone there,
Bug me,
Call me,
Skype me,
Facebook me,
Don’t take my simple response or lack thereof as the end or dismissal,
I struggle to put thought to paper,
Speech isn’t much better,
But I can get the idea across. 

So when I say I’m fine or okay,
Second-guess me,
Because I’m probably nowhere near fine.


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    Sentences dictated from my kids into a timeline that's vaguely moving in one direction. Their thoughts are nearly as scatty as mine. probably doesn't make to much sense but I haven't figured out how to connect the other floating sentences yet. It's like doing a puzzle. They've got this story they want to tell but tell it to me in three or four sentences at a time. Don't ask me about spacing, it put it there when I pasted it. 

    Nestled in the bosom of the mountains an Elysian field grew. 

    “Do mountains have bosoms?” 


    “But why…”

    “It’s a weird saying. Anyhow...” It is said humans roamed freely inhabiting the rolling hills that protected the ever-growing flora and fauna. Upon the mountain side grew a tree that bore a single fruit which the humans were told not to touch…

    “...by who?” 

    ...but as humanity’s curiosities grew, one they named Adam tracked up the mountain to taste the fruit. As he savoured the juices the Almighty raised walls around the field and cast all out…

    “...why?? The others didn’t do anything wrong?”

    “The world just isn’t fair pet” ...placing a Guardian upon the wall to protect the Garden from humanity. 

    The humans came to call this garden Eden, named after the Mother of nature. As the years passed, Eden became nothing but a myth. It is now only whispered about between children, along with the story of the Demons in the Skye as well as an Angel who was cast out and imprisoned at the base of the mountains.

     *   *   *   *   *   *

    “I want to hear more about the Demons.”

    “No the Angel.” Squeaked a youngling from across the circle. 

    Listening to the other's mummers, Poppy-Moss leant into Mother’s side as they scooted in closer. She always did like listening to the stories that would trickle in through the gaps of the wall. Quite like the fairytale’s the human’s young would pass about themselves; they always told such interesting stories about what they thought happened here. She guessed that it was cute they thought of Eden as a sacred place. It kept them out and Eden safe from above. If above thought Mother was imprisoned alone and the walls stood tall, they wouldn’t think of checking in. Mother kept all who entered safe, she healed those in need and found ways to deter humans. Poppy-Moss tried to think hard, back to the beginning, she swore Mother has a name, just not that she could remember. All she remembered was that Mother was afraid that above would find out about Poppy when she first stumbled into here but after time passed and no being came, she relaxed and slowly Eden grew.

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    Thanks for sharing well done ☺ 
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    The poem is really insightful and interesting.
    I'm glad you felt able to post these here. If you have anything more we'd love to read. :smile:
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