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uRGENT: Friends first claim = £15 entitlmenet due to getting paid a month prior!!!! please help

jedimafiajedimafia Member Posts: 13 Listener

Hope someone can help my friend with his first UC claim. He's not English so i'm taking care of the claim.  We've just been on the phone and they said he's only entitled to £15 tomorrow, to last a month because he got paid from work a month previously!!!!!!!!!!!. Surely that has got to be wrong.  Surely the system can not be that cruel now????????  He got an advance payment to last till his UC payment but because he got paid a small amount a MONTH ago they've deducted it all off his entitlement.  WTF"  I heard the months wait for a UC payment was extreme but now it seems if you've worked a small wage job you get nothing for 2 months...... That is utter crazy and can't be right.  He doesn't even have 2 pennys to rub together and I can't help him past a roof/food atm. 

On the 10th April he got paid his last small wage of £233 and made his first ever claim, but he asked for his holiday pay which got paid on the 17th April of £338.  Should he have made the claim after this date or something.  They told me on the phone that they asked his employer what he got paid which was £500+ and because of that this months entitlement is nothing... But he's not worked for over a month thats how it's always worked with me you get paid the days you don't work

To make matters worse he rents a flat and didn't claim his housing benefit as someone else filled out the application for him and put him down as living at the job center!!!!!  Could this be backdated with exception circumstances of himself not doing it/understanding the questions. He didn't know you could claim it


  • jedimafiajedimafia Member Posts: 13 Listener
    I was just thinking is the problem him starting the claim before he got paid off work.  If so can it be changed?  I'm in utter shock and disbelief at what they'be said. They gave him his one advance payment to last till his first £15 to last a month lol
  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Testing Team, Community Team Posts: 7,951 Scope community team
    Unfortunately this sounds correct @jedimafia. Any wages or income you receive during an assessment period is counted even if it relates to previous month(s). He should really have been advised to claim after his final wage from work. But sadly no, this can't be changed now.

    If he's currently renting and has a valid tenancy agreement, he can update this on his claim under a change of circumstances. But it might be worth calling them and explaining that the question wasn't understood correctly and discuss with them that the rent is currently missing from his claim and asking them to backdate it.

    In the meantime, I can imagine he's struggling, so it might be worth him getting in touch with his energy providers as they can provide grants for this situation. Has he applied separately for Council Tax Reduction as this isn't done under Universal Credit? It's also worth him getting in touch with any other company he needs to pay this month and explaining the situation.

    There's also food banks available if he needs access to essentials during this time.

    I'm sorry it's not better news, but let me know if you have any other questions.
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