Vitamin Deficiencies and Pain Relief

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Hi everyone,
  I am b12 and folate deficient and waiting to start my loading dose (via injection). It's been a struggle to get me into the surgery 3 times a week due to the current climate. The deficiencies cause lots of uncomfortable side effects and i've been pretty much bed bound for the last 2 weeks while awaiting treatment due to muscle weakness and extreme fatigue, but I want to manage it as healthily as possible. Does anyone have any recommendations for natural pain relief? My body permanently feels like it has the flu and I want to be able to manage some of the housework and cooking. 


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    Hi @JadeB90 Welcome to the community, its nice to have you on board.

    Unfortunately we are not able to give any advice regarding pain relief you really need to speak to your GP as they will know how anything even natural remedies could react to your medication
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    Hi again @JadeB90 - I have been meaning to get back to you about this post looking at natural pain relief. Have you considered cannabidiol (CBD)? It helps with homeostasis, i.e. getting your body in balance, & can also help with pain. I can only say, in my personal experience, it has reduced my pain. As it's taken orally, it wouldn't have a negative impact on your injections, however, if you take any meds, or even some over the counter meds, you need to have a 2-4 hour gap between taking such meds & CBD. If taking any meds, before considering CBD, you should therefore discuss this with a pharmacologist.
    If you are interested in CBD, I would be pleased to give further guidance. I've been taking CBD for 19 months, & have researched it quite a lot. Just to say my medical background is that I'm a physio, so have done some research of medical issues previously. :)