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Help with New style ESA.

Hello I hope all are well, I hope you don’t mind me asking for help. Due to my disability I was given a letter from my phyciatrist who has stated that I am not fit for work anymore. I applied for universal credit where I received one payment which was two months ago, I was then informed I was not entitled to any more due to my wife’s income. I was informed to apply for the new style ESA which I have done, am waiting for a reply however today I phoned about my National insurance contributions for the last 20 or so years have had no gaps however was told from 2019- 2020 there has been, which would likely be correct as this is when I was diagnosed and was off work for most of that tax year, so am guessing I want be entitled to the new style ESA, I am currently in receipt of the enhanced PIP not the mobility part.
I did mention to someone in the department about my letter I have from my health professional however they stated they don’t need this at the minute, am just wondering if I would be entitled to anything else.
i was employed with the NHS however this ended on the 1st of April 2020 due to two failed attempts to get back into work.
Thanks in advance for any advice and apologies if this is a bit long winded. Cheers.



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