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Keeping your pets active and stimulated during the lockdown

M_Anthony Member, Scope Volunteer Posts: 309 Pioneering
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I came across these and I thought it might helpful for anyone with their pets:



If anyone has any other ideas or tips please let us know!


  • alieshia
    alieshia Member Posts: 73 Courageous
    @M_Anthony If you don't have much space to exercise a dog, trick training is a really good alternative. It uses brain power rather than muscle power so tires them out really well. My dog is bred to work the fields all day long, no way would he tire no matter how far we walked him so we put in trick training for him. There is a really good trick training group on Facebook run by my friend who is also a Dog Aid trainer and certified by many training boards. Her actual website is her assistance dog Bella is amazing! 

    I'm personally training my dog to assist me around the home. He's a spaniel so extremely clever but also very hyped up so have to keep him busy. He's so handy when I drop stuff and can't get it. Trouble is things do get a bit slobbery :wink:
  • Ails
    Ails Member Posts: 2,256 Disability Gamechanger
    Thanks for these, @M_Anthony.  Some really good cat ones which I'm going to try with Christy.  I find sometimes that I'm getting quite into a game with her using her teaser and mice and she seems interested then obviously thinks "this is boring" and just walks away to her bed.  She makes me feel so wanted at times, lol!  :smiley:
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