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pandemic through the eyes of mathematics

MADDOG666 Member Posts: 13 Connected
2003. SARS. Southeast Asian Respiratory Syndrome +9years 2012. MERS. Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome +7years 2019. NCOV. Novell Corona Virus +?years 2024? ???? No proof but, mathematics is the only pure science ?


  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 15,244 Disability Gamechanger
    @MADDOG666 Welcome to the community, interesting theory
  • Ronni
    Ronni Member Posts: 162 Pioneering
    Hi @MADDOG666 welcome to the forum.

    Not a fan of math.??

    Its purity comes from the fact its logical and predictable.

    Social observation the other hand. Takes into account the illogical  and unpredictable  also.

    Math will deal with the statistics and probilitities.

    But social observation will tell us whether world leaders , the WHO, united nations  and trillions of unpredictable people, will neglect to report, delay to act, act like idiots.  Implement illogical ideas. Despite going through several previous outbreaks including C19. 

    However sociology will also say that observering  societies past  and present cannot predict the future in its entirety. Its unwritten. And we all get  to write   parts of it.

    Some more than others.??????

  • MADDOG666
    MADDOG666 Member Posts: 13 Connected
    Thank you both my friends ?
  • MADDOG666
    MADDOG666 Member Posts: 13 Connected
    @Ronni Real life is controlled by systems, buses run at set times, theatres' have set seating etc, etc., working out the system can bring untold rewards ?
  • Ronni
    Ronni Member Posts: 162 Pioneering
    I do love a good debate.
    What you say is  True about systems.but  they all rely on people for them work.
    Buses are always late only the rich can afford the theatre box and front row. Both realy on the weather being good. Not being snowed in. Or in the event of a pandemic those systems fall apart. As did half the population. But for many common sense prevailed.

    As a list keep and some one who relys on systems. The fell apart. I relied the system known as the government
     Who put life on hold. Takes them weeks to create a new system.

    Where as people with common sense  and compassion humanity began to volunteer immediately and adapted to support other recently  a new system evolved.
    While the gov sat and pondered new systems. Others actually did things whilst planning the next step. A chain of systems obtained by sociological unbiased observation.
    The math and statistics
    During pandemic were wrong. Social analysis had to explain why they were wrong and why the system put in place was wrong.

    While the gov were pondering this. Volunteers got a head start without a system or math.   They just saw what was needed.
    Social observation first.
    Math and systems second.


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