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Heads up on two disability programmes on radio 4

newbornnewborn Member Posts: 713 Pioneering
Walks like a duck (a series of 3 on Mondays at 11, but available free on bbc sounds listen again)
Also at 11, tomorrow,  Mat Hancock will ponder what the world would be like if the majority were in the same boat

On a similar theme, Melanie Reid has a column in the Times, and one, recently, mused that just for once, mainstream people were discovering to their amazement that life is a bit different  when you cant go where you like when you like.  I can't  find which week it was, but maybe some scope genius will put a link.

Actually,  could we have some kind of sticky or something, because for instance radio 4 has a regular programme  for sight impaired, one for hearing. You would need to stumble on it by chance. 

 (They used to do a good message board called Ouch, which was some useful token towards equality duty, but it couldn't survive the essential  cuts  to pay million pound salaries)


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