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1 year on this forum

66Mustang Community Co-Production Group Posts: 6,507 Disability Gamechanger
I just want to say today I’ve been on the forum a whole year - I got my 1 year anniversary badge today.

Thank you to everyone - the Scope team and all the members alike - for making this such a nice place to be. I’ve been on other forums but genuinely none are as friendly and supportive as this one. I know like anything it has its faults but compared to a lot of the internet it is a fantastic place to be and I think we should be proud of it.

While the position I’m in right now is not enviable, it is far better than it could be. Notably I feel I may not be in the position I am in now if it weren’t for this forum. I’m referring to the help I got with my PIP mandatory reconsideration resulting in me getting a Motability vehicle, which is basically my life, but equally the daily support that I get from being on this forum.

I am looking forward to the next year. :)

Thanks for reading



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