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Earn a special community badge if you can find the hidden reptiles!

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Hello there :) 

Today is Reptile Awareness Day, which gives reptile fanatics and animal lovers alike the chance to show their love for the 10,700 species, as well as educate people about reptiles and the key issues they currently face, such as habitat loss and the threat of extinction. The annual event also  promotes learning about different types of reptiles, their natural habitats, and the ecological threats they face.

Can you find the hidden reptile? 

now, because we are a super cool community of people, we decided we would have a bit of fun on Reptile Awareness Day. We have a challenge for you.

At the top of each discussion category on the community, you will see that there are discussions marked with the "announce" tag. The community team has hidden a picture of a reptile in 5 of these discussions across the community, not including this one.

Your challenge is to find each reptile and comment in the discussion you found it in to prove you've found it. Once you've found all 5, come back here and comment to let us know you have completed the game. The photo of the reptile will be edited into the opening or most recent post of the discussion at the time of writing.

All the posts that contain the reptile photo will be by me, and if you wish to see a list of our categories so you can try figuring out which one I may have hidden a reptile in, you can find that here.

On offer for anybody who completes the game is a special community badge, called "Reptile Finder".

To get you started, here's a clue to one of the discussions that contains a hidden reptile... if you like Dennis the Menace, this discussion is for you.

a lizard on a piece of wood

Learn along the way

Underneath each reptile picture, there will be a link to a reptile related resource that we think you'll find interesting :) 

Best of luck :) 

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