Hi, my name is ann76! My son has suspected ADHD and autism, so I'm looking for support

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Hi everyone, I’ve just signed up to hopefully gain some support and help for my 8 yr old son who is waiting for his diagnosis for ADHD and potentially Autism too. It’s been a rough month at home, as our son has now developed a fear of wind, rain and grey clouds! This all stems from being caught in some hail 2 yrs ago and heavy rain last yr. we are trying our best to support him, but everyday feels like Groundhog Day and having to repeat the same things. He only really wants me so it’s very overwhelming for me and I can feel myself cracking. I just want to help my son and see him smile and have fun again, rather than being angry and negative all the time. ?


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    Hi @ann76 - & welcome to this friendly community. I'm sorry for what you're going through; it certainly can't be easy, & I appreciate it must definitely feel overwhelming, especially as your son is especially needing you.
    I'm very pleased you've joined this online community as, as well as you'll find much support here from parents that understand your difficulties, Scope also has an online support programme called 'Navigate,' & I've only heard positive comments about it from parents. Please see: https://www.scope.org.uk/family-services/navigate/
    Have you also considered looking at some autism resources? Please see: https://www.autism.org.uk/  & for ADHD: https://www.adhdfoundation.org.uk/
    You may also wish to look at some posts we have here in the online 'Autism & Asperger's' section. Please see: https://community.scope.org.uk/categories/learning-disabilities-and-autism
    Please try 'Navigate,' it's there for parents such as yourself. Please also post here any time. :)
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    Hi and welcome to the forum from me too and I hope the info and links you have been given are of some help to you

    We have lots of members on here who have children with similar conditions and I am sure they will connect with you
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    Hi @ann76 and welcome to the community.

    how are you today? 

    I'm sorry to read that you're finding things difficult at the moment, you've definitely joined a supportive and friendly community, our users are fantastic :) 
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    Welcome to the community @ann76 :) Have you managed to take a look at any of the information listed above? I can imagine that you're quite drained, so we'd love to try and help where we can. 

    I've moved your post into the parents and carers category so that other parents in a similar position will be more likely to see your post and share some tips.