Ami2301 "shuts down the idea you can’t be a good parent when you’re... disabled" — Scope | Disability forum
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Ami2301 "shuts down the idea you can’t be a good parent when you’re... disabled"

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You might spot a familiar face in today's Metro newspaper.  Why?  Because our very own @Ami2301 features in a powerful interview sharing her story of being disabled and having a baby.  

Photo of Ami her husband Ewan and baby daughter Daisy sat smiling

Speaking to Hattie Gladwell, Ami tells all about having experienced a potentially fatal pneumonia infection in 2018 and her later diagnosis of sensory ataxia - a neurological condition affecting her balance, co-ordination, motor skills and walking. 

About becoming a mum to two-month old Daisy, Ami says:
‘It has been hard to accept that I can’t physically do much for Daisy, but I am trying to find ways of being more involved. I can feed and hold her as long as my arms are being supported by pillows.  My mum has also been an absolute diamond, helping me so much and caring for her – even more so since Ewan [Ami's husband] finished his paternity leave and returned to work.  It’s not been easy but I do feel we have all settled into a routine that works for us. To the outside world, it might seem that we have an odd set-up, but we’re happy and that’s what matters. 
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Just to add: from everyone at Scope, well done @Ami2301 - you raising awareness of the reality of disabled parenting will help dismantle so many taboos.  We are very proud of you.
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