Hi I'm northernsoul89! I had my assessment, and I don't feel it went well. Anyone have feedback?

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Hello everyone I applied for pip on mental health grounds as I am a long term sufferer of depression. My support worker filled out my form and said I need prompting to eat and help with medication and budgeting. I was unaware of the points system and unfortunately did not prepare. I told them I was drinking and abusing drugs , recent relapse. This was not on form. I feel they asked me trick questions like is my flat upstairs and can I make ready meals. I feel Ibombed the question on food and that will cost me. I was not asked many questions and nothing about toilet and bathing etc I feel I failed to argue my case and will not get the award as they asked very little. I'm in supported living and I am worried sick i wont get awarded pip because I can walk and use a microwave . Will they just ignore my addiction and depression as it's a point based system ? I also spoke well on the phone so they could use that against me too. Any feedback is appreciated 


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    Hi and welcome 

    First of all those questions are what would be expected and not out of the ordinary 

    They take your application form any evidence and the assessment into account 

    You can request a copy of your assessment report after 7 days it isnt a final decision but will show recommendations and in majority of cases go with the report 

    They ask questions based on your form so it depends what you put about toilet and bathing as to if they needed to ask questions 

    All you can do is wait for your decision and if you are not in agreement then put in for mandatory reconsideration 

    Keep us updated and if you have any further questions just ask