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SDP Compensation - was On ESA - > Then UC -> Now on PIP

ConfusedUpset Community member Posts: 2 Listener
edited June 2021 in Universal Credit (UC)
Can anybody help me try to make sense of this please.

I was on ESA until 2019 where i changed over to UC because of the rollout.

I receive Rent of £490  a month. and i have a daughter that lives with me so i get child support.

Im Very Ill with Kidney Failure (Both) On Dyalisys and hoping to have a transplant , allthough not looking good at the moment.

So i was told to claim PIP. Of course Capita threw me out with a Mind Bending 0 points, Even though all evidence was provided from doctors ect. 
But we have all heard of the horror stories about Capita and the DWP so no suprises there.

I Went through the courts and the tribunal awarded me PIP for life. Because i only have about 10yrs left at best. (im 31)

My freind told me , i am entitled the SDP compensation from the start of my PIP which i was backdated for by the courts, But never have i received SDP compensations as i was not entitled until i claimed PIP.

So i made a jornal entry. asking for the relevant forms to complete to claim back my SDP compensation.

i received back the following --- Warning Long read lol

DWP jounrnal Responce.

Hi Sarah Thank you for your message.

Your claim started in 2019 and your payments reflect your present circumstances,

the payment of £341.92 reflects your inability to work.

The relevant government guidelines on transitional payments are set out below. When and how Transitional Protection may erode Erosion is where the SDP Transitional Protection reduces as the amount paid for other components of Universal Credit increases. Transitional Protection is not time limited but will erode when: there is an increase in the amount included in the Universal Credit maximum award following an increase in the Standard Allowance or additional amounts (except for childcare costs) a new Universal Credit component (such as support with housing costs) is awarded - except for childcare costs When this happens, the Transitional Protection will erode pound for pound with the increase to the Universal Credit maximum amount.

The erosion happens in the same assessment period that the increase is paid. This will show on the Universal Credit statement as a new amount. This is the same for all increases to the Universal Credit maximum award and when new components are awarded - apart from childcare costs. An increase in earnings does not erode Transitional Protection.

It is not possible for the transitional protection to start eroding until the second assessment period after the claimant starts receiving the payments.

Once Transitional Protection has eroded, it cannot be re-instated except where there has been a recalculation or successful appeal. Transitional Protection will no longer apply from the assessment period in which it has eroded to nil. Deductions for debt are not applied to Transitional Protection amounts. Your payments reflect your current situation, any transitional payments would have been automatically calculated when you UC claim began.

Further information can be found on the Gov.UK website I hope this helps.

Ok so i have a few questions after a friend has told me, theres somthing wrong with what they are saying because i have

1.I have Not yet claimed SDPC or been receiving it , so they could not start erosions.

2. Only after the second assesment or sumthing could they start erosions.

3. I have not been claiming SDPC to begin erosions.

4. Even if there was erosions, I would of still been awarded X amount and this would of eroded over time
But yet iv never recieved anything at all, Neither do my statements reflect anything.

5.I have never received a calculation taking into concideration the USDC

6.Even with erosions i would of still be entitled from the beginning of my PIP claim and would of been backdated for the due amount, But this never happened.

7.there is nothing on my UC app showing me anything to do with SDPC .

So im very unsure as what to make of this.

The entry i was sent from UC just makes no sense. i get it a little, that there is an erosion, But iv never received SDPC to begin the erosions, and surley i would of received X amount regardless. and my Benefit payments have allways been the same, No increase No Decrease, So how do i work this out.

Can anybody put this into terms i can understand.

Thank you.



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