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All excited

dave392 Member Posts: 42 Courageous
Well post man delivered letter I open it and see it’s from pip start to get excited and nervous at same time only for it too say we have all information we need to make a decision and will contact me when said decision is made what an anti climax as they already text me that 2 weeks ago talk about making people suffer if I didn’t have anxiety and nervous disorder before all this I do now  oh well the wait goes on coming up 9 months another couple of weeks not good on heart especially after my heart attack ???


  • Sam01
    Sam01 Member Posts: 36 Connected
    ??? I wish your the best of luck! The feeling of getting your PIP approved is wonderful. When I applied for it, I thought I never stood a chance. Hope you have the same success :)
  • dave392
    dave392 Member Posts: 42 Courageous
    Sam01 Posts: 4 Listener
    ??? I wish your the best of luck! The feeling of getting your PIP approved is wonderful. When I applied for it, I thought I never stood a chance. Hope you have the same success 

    it is and as I triggered review I’m nervous as hell won’t be long and I’d be on toe nails if I could reach them lol ? but reading assessment report it looks positive although she recommended review in 1 year which in reality is acceptable as if I get my operations on my neck and hip my mobility should improve but and the big but is getting the operation as I’ve already been waiting 10 years for hip replacement but wouldn’t do it because of my age they finally agreed but got hit with the big c which has to be treated first but almost there that letter will come soon ??
  • Emilyb81
    Emilyb81 Member Posts: 528 Pioneering
    Bless you ! I have literally just been in a very similar situation! 
    I got a white DWP envelope a few days ago and I'm awaiting a decision from pip regarding a mandatory reconsideration after failing a review and losing award's? So I worked myself up saying to myself it's obviously it because it was white not brown as I'm used to? So I opened it eventually after I'd calmed down a bit? And it was from social fund saying I now have to start paying back an old debt!!
     So I had loads of upset over that then following morning I got another white envelope from DWP this time from Belfast and it says online pip decisions can come from Belfast?! And obviously I'd convinced myself it was definitely going to be pip decision because I'd already been told about repayment of the loan?  I wasn't able to open the letter for over 24 hours?! I was frozen in fear! Shaking, sweating, feeling sick the works....
    I finally opened one end/corner and...... it was another letter saying they are going to be taking the social fund payment out of my already reduced ESA?! Wow the stress that's caused by DWP letters is unbelievable!! It's a bit more  funny now but on a serious note it really is a problem because people should not have to fear them so much?? ☹️ 
    Anyhoo glad I'm not the only one who is like this around post! Take care and stay safe ??? 


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