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Panic attacks from hospital visit

Welliboots93 Member Posts: 27 Connected
Hello everyone!

I needed a safe space to let out how I'm feeling! This is about a hospital visit by the way and talks of medical conditions and anxieties. 

Basically, last Sunday I went to the hospital with shoulder blade pain, and unexpectedly I was invesigated for a blood clot straight away. I was only in the hospital for 4hours and in that time I had a blood test, ECG, blood pressure check, xray, two checkups of my shoulders and chest and I saw 6 doctors. It turns out I tested positive for a blood clot, but they didn't think it was on my lung but Im on blood thinners and they are treated it as though it could be on my lung.
Anyways, I need to have an emergency lung scan (which I am still waiting for, that's a different story). 

Here's where the mental health kicks in 
I didn't think much of my hospital visit, other than it was really unexpected. 
That night I must of only slept for about an hour because everytime I closed my eyes I would have a panic attack, I kept thinking the worse and because they kind of just sent me on my way with a leaflet explaining pulmonary embolism, I googled it and genuinley thought what If I am dying etc. I knew nothing about my medication or even about my blood clot 

I went back to work on the Tues and on the Weds I had to go home early from work because I was experiencing really bad abdominal cramps and I felt sick. I had a nightmare the night before about this blood clot and was extremely tired. 
Anyways, I managed to get an appointment with a doctor who finally put my mind at rest about this blood clot and the fact that the blood thinners I am on will not make the clot go bigger etc. The stomach pains sounds like I've stressed my body out with panic attacks and anxiety and I'm experiencing the physical symptoms of that. 

Anyways I managed to sleep that night for about 7hours which was could, I still wasn't eating tho! 

Anyways, fast forward to yesterday, I had to ring the hospital because they had only given me a weeks worth of blood thinners with the hope that I would of had my scan by now. The doctor sounded worried as I had not had my scan yet, and need to ring first thing Monday morning to be put as a high priority when the scan team are back. 
Well Im panicking because my medication runs out today and I read that If you don't take your meds the clot could get worse. 

So last night was horrendous, Ive been awake since 5am, having panic attacks, I can't close my eyes even though Im really tired, I was restless, I feel sick and my pulsatile tinnitus is going wild. 

Ive been in and out of hospital most of my life with my legs and feet and it's never once bothered me. But since that hospital visit last Sunday my mental health has just gone a different way, I don't know if it's anxiety, if I'm traumatised, if it's the unknown etc I've never experienced all these emotions because of a medical problem! 

I just needed somewhere to write how I was feeling ? thank you for reading 


  • Ross_Scope
    Ross_Scope Posts: 7,507 Scope online community team
    Hello @Welliboots93

    Thanks for posting, I'm glad the community can be here for you at times like this. 

    Firstly, how are you feeling at the moment? Have you been able to enjoy the morning and some of the afternoon that have passed. Do you feel any better?

    I'm sorry to here that the events of the past week have left you feeling unwell and triggered some of your conditions, it sounds like a very difficult time for you. Do you have the support of a loved one at this time? 

    If you are increasingly concerned about your symptoms or medication, you could always call 111 to speak with a medical professional, or attend your local A&E service. Of course, you should also explain how this has impacted you to your GP when you contact them to see if they can support you in any way. 

    Do you have coping techniques to manage your panic attacks? You can view this NHS page which explains how you can get help for anxiety and panic, and Mind have some self-care techniques that you could try out. Do you have any hobbies or interests that you can indulge in to help take your mind off of things?
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  • Tori_Scope
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    I'm sorry to read about your experience @Welliboots93, that would have made me feel worried too. Have you been able to call them this morning?
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  • Ross_Scope
    Ross_Scope Posts: 7,507 Scope online community team
    Hi @Welliboots93

    How is everything going? 
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