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I've been waiting 20 weeks for pip claim. What should I do?

tykan1968tykan1968 Member Posts: 2 Listener
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i have been waiting 20 weeks for pip claim what shell I do 


  • Emilyb81Emilyb81 Member Posts: 456 Pioneering
    Morning 🌞 Have you heard anything from them? As in any messages saying they have your claim form? Probably best off phoning them and asking what is happening because people here can only guess? But there is a backlog due to covid so it can take a while i believe ☹️
  • calcotticalcotti Member Posts: 2,217 Pioneering
    As numerous threads on the forum attest there are long waits for PIP assessments the moment. Six months seems fairly typical,
    Information I post is for England unless otherwise stated. Rules may be different in other parts of UK.
  • cockneyqueencockneyqueen Member Posts: 2 Listener
    I asked for a review on my pip claim back in April after being in hospital and being advised to claim the mobility part of pip. I receive the higher rate care component and my consultant asked why I had not claimed for the mobility part as I have a spinal cord injury and cannot walk unaided. I have still yet to hear anything about my claim to be looked at again after sending off the review claim form. 
    Is there a long waiting list? I’ve called them and was told it’s on the adjudicators desk to be looked at. 

    Just wanted to know if I should call again or if anyone else has had this experience.
  • MarkN88MarkN88 Member Posts: 1,297 Pioneering
    Backlogs, variation from area to area, so unfortunately it is a waiting game. There is no harm in asking for an update, but you will receive a letter when they have looked at it. 
  • rubin16rubin16 Member Posts: 102 Pioneering

    There are huge backlogs at the moment, I applied back in November 2020 and didn't hear anything for 7 months till I was told my assessment is on the 29th June 2021. Yesterday I recieved money in my bank account and I have been awarded PIP just waiting for the decision letter, but for me from start to finish took me around 8 months to claim PIP.

    You can try phone them for an update, but most likely won't get any information other than its with the assessors and they will see you when they get to you, so unfortunatley its just a waiting game.

    I hope you hear back soon!
  • Emilyb81Emilyb81 Member Posts: 456 Pioneering
    Really isnt any way of finding out how long claims, MR's, tribunals etc will be because it is different for everyone? One person can have it all done and finished in 2 or 3 months others been waiting more than 6 for an assessment so it really is down to who is looking at it workloads and covid has made it all take longer! I have said a couple of times on different threads so sorry if im repeating myself too much but I sent things in twice and even that took 3 weeks plus for them to actually receive it so its all taking longer? And i did call a couple of times when i was waiting to see if they had got my post so checked if any updates on times? And they just say it shouldn't be much longer and its being looked at? So i dont believe even they know what's happening as they aren't involved in the actual decision making? ☹️
    But good luck peeps 🤞🍀😎
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