Pip change in circumstances. How long for them to look at form? Could I lose my current award?

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Hi I’ve been claiming pip for some months now but my circumstances have changed where I’ve rang pip and told them my changes and I’ve filled in the form, does any one no how long it will take for them to look at my form and make a decision please? 
And can I loose my original award? 


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    There's huge backlogs at the moment and DWP are estimating 10 months. You should expect either a telephone assessment of a face to face assessment because most people have them.
    No one here can tell you whether there's any risk of losing your current award because we don't know how your conditions affect you.  I see from other threads that you were previously refused and your current award was from a Tribunal so i hope you did get some advice before reporting changes.
    A change of condition doesn't automatically mean you'll score more points for a higher award.