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Driving license revoked on medical grounds, is a motability power chair worth it?

mousey Member Posts: 21 Courageous
Sadly I found out that I can't learn to drive as my license is being revoked because my medical issues. It's a bit of a letdown. I think I need to get an electric wheelchair now or adapt my manual chair but I don't have a lot of money spare and nowhere near the 5.5k they ask for for power assisted devices. I have a manual chair on the NHS voucher scheme but I didn't qualify for an electric chair because it wouldn't be usable in my home - I'm waiting to move to an accessible property.

So if I want a powerchair to be able to go out on my own (currently can't push far and need a carer with me to help as I live in a hilly area) - is it worth using motability to get one? It seems like a lot of money per month for a chair which isn't exactly what I want and it seems like it would cost more than buying it outright?

I want to be able to go out without my carers and go far, 20+ miles would be reassuring. Basically to make it so I can go and do things without my carers, on my own, see friends etc.


  • Duninn
    Duninn Member Posts: 177 Courageous
    I would say yes - I haven’t dared go more than a mile and back but it is so liberating.  I now have a mechanical chair because my mobility chair didn’t fit into some disabled toilets and allow me to shut the door.  You might be able to get advice and also hire one until you are sure
  • Dyne
    Dyne Member Posts: 3 Listener
    edited October 8
    Sorry to here about your license.
    Powerchairs and scooters are very different. A powerchair will probably have a range of ten miles or about fifteen at the most but can have a lot of rehab features like tilt, recline, raise and leg raisers. A small mid wheel chair like a Quickie Salsa M2 Mini can be used around most flats/bungalows. Its mostly an indoor chair and only okish outside. There are many for sale on ebay. I would recommend one with the r-net controller.
    Wheelchairs will come with three maximum speeds, 4, 6, and 8MPH. 4MPH speed limit on paths with 6 and 8 for roads. You can drive a 8MPH chair at 4MPH off road.

    Also try your local gumtree.

    The problem is its there are no chairs that are great outside and inside. A lot of people will own an outside chair or scooter and an inside chair.

    Scooters are really meant for outside only, are not as maneuverable harder to use on public transport will not have rehab features but will probably have a greater range. The speed limit for an invalid carriages (offensive term) is 8MPH on road and 4MPH off the road. Its not fun being outside in the cold and rain. Chairs and scooters are not exactly weatherproof.

    I personally would avoid motability at all costs.
  • Poppy_
    Poppy_ Community Volunteer Host Posts: 5 Listener
    Hi, I have a electric wheelchair and I have found it worth It. If you can wait, there are multiple charities out there which do supply aids to people. If not, depending on the manual chair you do have, there are electric wheels you can buy or ask your wheelchair centre for options of, as these wheels are electric and help with pushing. They work by taking the momentum you have to push you further along. Other options include a power pack, which is similar to the wheels, except it turns your manual into an electric wheelchair. These can be costly, however they are not as much as an electric chair, as the prices I have seen have been around a couple of thousand of pounds. This is costly but for your independence, it may be worth looking into. 


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