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Poem called changing mindset

Globster Community Co-Production Group, CP Network Posts: 966 Pioneering

I used to beat myself up

And worry about things that were not in my control

I am on a roll.

I work towards my goal.

I know it’s that going to be a stroll

It doesn't not matter how old I get. 

I set small milestones which put on my phone

I roam around the house. 

I need time to think

I never let the link dry.

I keep trying. 

I am flying.

I have shed my last tear went on to my pillow

I have a great cheer

I have a clear vision

I am in a fantastic position to succeed. 

 Which will lead me to feed my brain with knowledge

I pay homage to a local creative writing group I do attend

I feel like I have gone through hoops and going round in a loop

I drink a glass of tomato soup.

As well eating some fruit

My route is clear

I am in pursuit of my dreams.

Nothing seems so hard.

As I discard the negative thought that swirled around my head

Now I tell myself I can 

I have a plan to achieve my dreams

My dreams in my head 
Instead, they have become a reality.






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