Had my Pip assessment. How much is standard daily living? Could I dispute award after first payment?

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Hi I had my pip assessment last week thy called twice Then a few days later thy asked to confirm my bank details, an hour later I was told I would be getting standard daily living, could anyone tell how much this is and if I should accept it , can I dispute this after my first payment?? Many thanks 


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    1) £60/week
    2) Whether or not you should challenge the decision depends on whether or not you think the decision reflects the difficulties you have carrying out the prescribed activities to the required standard.
    3) You can request a Mandatory Reconsideration if you wish to. This does not affect payment of the existing award until a decision on the Mandatory Reconsideration is made.
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    I hope this helps people remember I had 2 calls a day apart before thy looked at my claim