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Hi, my name is Barry, Kayley's father in need of advice

Kayley Member Posts: 2 Listener
we moved from the Northwest of England to West Wales late December 2019,
Its been very difficult trying to get any day center to get Kayley the socialization she desperately needs but the task has been compounded by the Covid19 issues,
after being assessed over 20 moths ago & a couple of times since Kayley is still being told that her case must go to committee! 
Its beyond depressing having to prove your offspring is severely disabled & has been from birth with absolutely no chance of change only the negative kind.
I'm almost sure she is being penalized or at the least disadvantaged by coming from England, I'm actually beginning to think that Nationalism plays a part in who gets what in Wales & Kayley is being victimized & this boils my blood as I'm sure it would with anyone tasked with providing a safe caring environment for there disabled offspring.
We are at the point were we are having to make a decision regarding moving back to allow her to re-engage & get some normality back into her chaotic life.
After having absolutely no contact for two years we need any pointers to get a result as the so called providers at the council appear to want to fight us to save money rather than engage us to provide some sort of care. Kayley has been stuck with no daycare living with her mum & dad 24/7 for two years & is becoming depressed as we all are, the providers & council need to move forward with things stop blaming Covid19 & re-engage. 
Any advice on how to move forward would be appreciated, social services are more like social dis-services.  


  • Ross_Scope
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    Scope community team

    Hello @kayley and welcome to the community, this is a very supportive and welcoming environment so I'm sure you'll enjoy being here.

    I'm sorry to hear about the issues you are facing with getting your daughter the help she needs, I understand that as a parent it must be very frustrating, especially because it's been going on so long. 

    Do you know when her case will go to the committee? And have you spoken with her GP or other health professionals to try and get some support with explaining why she needs help to the council?

    If you are unhappy with how everything has been handled, you could consider making a complaint or contacting the ombudsman, and Scope have some services that can support parents of disabled children, such as navigate or Parents Connect.
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