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Got good news from the gynaecologist surgeon

BrianMcFaddenfan07 Community member Posts: 253 Pioneering
Hi everyone,
I had a telephone consultation with the gynaecological surgeon who did my operation in early Feb yesterday morning and he asked if I've recovered from my operation ok and I'd said that I have.
He then told me that the cyst I had removed from my right ovary was benign as they had to send it to the lab in the hospital for tests as they wasn't sure either way if it was cancerous or not and thankfully it wasn't.
Myself and my fiance have been discussing what we are going to do next, but we're not making any more appointments or anything now until we come back from visiting my fiance's family next month as we've still got quite a lot to sort out between now and the 7th of June.
We've decided to leave everything until we get back from visiting my fiance's family next month as it'll be better for us to focus on what we need to do next without having to worry about if any appointments are going to be made in the days leading up to our break.


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