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Double standards for DWP disabled Staff?

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After hearing the comments from Hammond this morning I was left so angry considering what the civil service forced me to endure.I felt it was over due me telling what I was put through by my employer. I was working for the CSA in the west midlands and thoroughly enjoyed my job. However my health started to detoriate quite badly, Quite quickly It became more difficult to drive any distance, therefore the occupational health advised I move offices to nearer my home as I was driving 30 miles to work where I was. So the application went in to put me in the Job center where my husband worked so that I would no longer need to drive, there senior manager had other ideas though and refused the application, reason was I would make it unsafe for my colleagues to work with me as 1 would need to be assigned to me as a fire buddy. This was only 1 out of a a4 page full of reasons, I was not allowed to see it myself, my HR department which was on site at the CSA, informed me of this and advised they were going to put a 2nd request in advising them of the disability act. Again it happened again, this time my HR contacted the Departments legal team who wrote to  the Job centre manager who had refused me twice, within days I was accepted , I went into training a few weeks later and after 6 weeks was assigned a team and department to work in, From day 1 I seemed to be held at arms length by quite a few people, after a few months I had a big drop in my health, my condition worsened very dramatically and went on to need crutches. I already had a suitable chair which had been given to me in the Devon office, But I was sent to Atos for an assessment and a workstation occupational health assessment was completed, it was advised to me at the Atos appointment that I will find great difficulty working and should consider leaving. I was gobsmacked. As a result of the assessment I was sent another work station assessor. They gave me a few bits and advised I have a place to go and sit comfortably in a suitable chair as and when I need it . I never got this given to me , all I got was excuses. I was given a few items of medication within a short time frame, which left me taking 4 different tablets to take, along with a fentanyl patch , I was a mess within days and unable to focus on work, it took my memory as well.So I was unable to go to work for a couple of weeks until I leveled out a bit. The office manager immediately placed a request for another Atos specialist apt, all the time I was being nagged, whenever I went out to the smoking corner others will telling me of the way they were being treated, which was not unlike what I was going through. I got the new appointment 3 months later and went along to the appointment , it was being held in a private clinic,THERE WAS A WEIRD RAMP WHICH WAS SO DIFFICULT TO ACCESS, little did I know I was on CCTV, I went through the assessment but was not in a good way so i struggled with remembering how and when my health had worsened. When the office received the medical report it was again recommended that I had nothing to offer the world of work any longer so I was told accept medical retirement or we will need to start disciplinary proceedings for the amount of sick leave id had over the 9 days.At the same time the union rep was advising I take it and saying things like my pension initial payment would be £30,000, every morning she was on the car park niggling me , I ASKED MY SECTION MANAGER IF I COULD MOVE SECTIONS AND WORK ON THE GROUND FLOOR PART TIME, amongst other things I asked for so eventually I acknowledged that I was not going to be accepted in supporting me to stay a member of the workforce, eventually I agreed to accept it if the HR department also felt the same as the specialist. I was falling to sleep trying hard to be at work however I was fighting to cope with all the medication . Eventually another occupational assessor was called for , when she arrived a week later she sent me home until my equipment was improved. I was home 3 months when I was advised that HR had agreed and they made the offer for medial retirement. I eventually retired in the July, It took me a while to adjust to the medication, I asked my union if they would support me in a case of discrimination, however they refused the union were more concerned with there place within the civil service. Ive now been out of work since 2011, however despite being able to do admin reception duties probably on a part time basis ive not had any luck even getting interviews, ive tried finding home work also , no one realises whilst they're pushing a 43 yr old out of work medically they have applied a useless stamp on you.  Mental health goes south and you live in a whirlwind for quite some time., So hearing that man say the disabled were the reason for a sluggish economy I could of slapped him ..If any of those MP'S understood what there rules do to people , would they change things to support the disabled to remain in work.


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    Hi @caz67

    Good evening & welcome !!!!


    That story is very very similar in a strange way to mine ???

    I also live in the West Midlands !!!!

    “How Strange”
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    I often hear people saying that if so-and-so understood better then things would be different. Unfortunately it will never happen. The world is made and run by healthy people most of whom don't want to know how things really are for those that don't fit. Consequently when they make up rules and regulations they have no concept of what is really needed or how people are really affected. I suppose I should ne angered by this but instead I just feel pity for such ignorant people Instead I spend time with people suffering like myself or worse and try to help and support when I can.

    I am sorry you were treated badly and forced out of work. There are any who suffer or have suffered the same. The only option left is to try and make your future more cheerful and provide help and support for others, when you can.

    After being classed unfit for work I began working in a charity shop. Admittedly what I could do was limited but it helped me feel useful and the charities are always short of people to help them. Maybe there is something you can figure out to do for yourself?

    "I'm on the wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell" - from Wrong side of heaven by Five Finger Death Punch.


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