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Losing my home

Hi i got over payed child tax didnt know till it had built up then got told takin half if me till payed up that will b april so hb has bin dropped to them paying only 50p so rent arrears occured now got eviction notice me an my 4 kids plz help me


  • Geoark
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    @Jessabell2017  welcome to the community.

    I am really sorry to hear what you are going through, especially at this time of year. Because there are so many variables that could apply to your situation I am going to strongly suggest you contact the Scope helpline 0808 800 333, calls are free, Monday morning. The staff are well trained and should be able to offer you some help or guide you who to speak to if they cannot.

    I do have one question, which you don't need to answer, is have you received a  court eviction notice, or did you receive a Notice of Seeking Possession (NOSP). 

    If you are not sure the easiest way to tell is if it came from your landlord or a court. If it came directly from your landlord then it is likely to be a NOSP, and things are probably not as dire as they seem. If it is a NOSP and your landlord is a council, housing association or charitable housing organisation these organisations are less likely to want to evict, as long as some agreement is reached. The Scope helpline should be able to assist you in navigating this.

    Either way please call them on Monday so you can start getting help. 

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  • CockneyRebel
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    Hi Jessabell and welcome

    Please don't panic

    Can you get f2f advice from CAB or ring the Scope help line on monday


    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
  • Jessabell2017
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    I will ring on monday whats an f2f form theres no cab near all shut down
  • CockneyRebel
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    Sorry we get used to shorthand f2f is face to face
    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
  • Jessabell2017
    Jessabell2017 Member Posts: 10 Listener
    Where i get that from if no cab near me
  • Sam_Alumni
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    Hi @Jessabell2017
    You can call the Scope helpline on 0808 800 3333

    @Debbie_Scope can you help?
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  • Jessabell2017
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    Tried ringing no answer
  • Jessabell2017
    Jessabell2017 Member Posts: 10 Listener
    Was ringing all day cudnt get thru 
  • Jessabell2017
    Jessabell2017 Member Posts: 10 Listener
    Written in above box was ringing all day didnt get an answer
  • AlexW_Scope
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    Hi @Jessabell2017

    We're really sorry that you having trouble getting through to our helpline. Like a lot of helplines at this time of year, we have more calls than we can answer. Please keep trying. Another option would be to contact Shelter, who have specialist advisers on eviction and other housing issues.

    Best wishes, Alex
  • Debbie_Scope
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    Hi @Jessabell2017,

    I'm really sorry you weren't able to get through on the phones yesterday. Unfortunately we were affected by the extreme weather conditions and it did impact on our ability to get to all the calls coming in. 

    I can arrange to call you today if you're available? Let me know your availability and contact details. Private message me on here and I'll get them that way or email [email protected]

    Hope to speak to you soon.
    Best wishes


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