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PIP Appeals

Hi I have osteoarthritis in both thumb joints and in both shoulders and have had a trapeziectomy to my left hand and steroid injections in my right. I have also been diagnosed with moderate stage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Osteopenia and have a long history of Depression and Anxiety. I have been declined PIP on 2 occasions now after being awarded zero points. I wish to appeal and welcome advice on what to incluse in an appeal letter. Thank you


  • Matilda
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    You have to ask for a mandatory reconsideration (MR) first before you can appeal.  Have you done this and have you asked DWP for a copy of the assessor's report?  If MR is turned down, appeal would usually be on the special form named in the MR decision letter, downloadable from the gov.uk site.

    This link will generate an MR letter for you.  http://www.advicenow.org.uk/pip-tool 

    PIP is awarded not for your conditions themselves but how they affect you on a daily basis.  You have to describe how your conditions affect your ability to undertake certain everyday tasks and your ability to walk and/or plan journeys.  You have to show how your disabilities match the various PIP descriptors.  Disability Rights UK site (DR) and CAB site have good guides to PIP.  DR site has a draft diary you can adapt.  Advisable to submit a 7 day diary if you haven't already done so.  List all the aids you use. Use of aids, especially if you still struggle even using aids, should earn you some points.

    You might be able to get f2f help from CAB or similar locally.  Scope Helpline might be able to advise organisations in your area.

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    Thanks Matilda
     I have been through the MR appeal process and this also came back with zero points. I had asked that a report be requested from my ortho surgeon but was told it was my responsibility to provide this. The hospital advised that Capita should request the relevant Information so I'm not sure how to proceed with this. Am i expected to pay for GP / specialist reports myself? 
    Be grateful for any advice thank you
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    I understand that DWP and assessment companies won't request reports from doctors.  So, unfortunately, you would have to pay for medical reports yourself.  
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