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Benefit bother.

Hi. Need advice. I'm in a wheelchair and getting job seekers allowance. My adviser at the job center has made me attend the job center every day to do job searches. I've never been sanctioned my job searches have never been an issue and I attend every appointment. But I have to get two busses and it takes me two hours to get to job center. I leave at 7 am to be there for 9am. It's quite traumatic. I don't understand why she has done this to me. She's setting me up to fail. I'm so upset. I've spent the whole weekend in tears. I must add I would love a job but it's hard to get one.


  • regent
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    I would think you need to consult with SCOPE and or the CAB  and 
    then an urgent appointment with your MP if  its considered you are being treated with NO consideration for your disability.
    Ignore any other advice from all,  and consult with the professional advisors only
  • Pippa_Alumni
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    Hi @rachel69, and welcome to the community!

    I'm so sorry to hear that this is something you have to go through daily, just to avoid being sanctioned. I can imagine that it's taking it's toll on you, and I really hope we can offer some guidance.

    As @regent says, it might be worth making an appointment with Citizens Advice about this: you can search for your local service on their website. Alternatively, do feel free to get in touch with the Scope helpline and we'll do our best to assist. 


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