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hi can any one help I have had to claim esa due to sick pay running out at work I have put Calum in for myself and my partner they have sent me a letter today to tell me that I will get 73.10 per week I called them straight away as this is only one person money she said that I have to have an assement then I could get paid for both of us really don’t understand this is this right can anyone advise 


  • Lasian_Alumni
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    Hi @jamie1965

    Hopefully our benefits advisor will be able to comment soon and offer some support.
  • jamie1965
    jamie1965 Member Posts: 85 Courageous
  • BenefitsTrainingCo
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    Hi @Jamie1965

    No, there is no need for a medical to be passed to qualify for couple rate.

    What may have happened, is that your contributions based claim has been processed (which is just for you) but the income-related part of your claim (which is what tops the claim up to couple rate where the income/capital in the household is low enough) has not been for some reason.

    It might just be that the income-related part is still being processed, but it may be that there is some query over income/capital/etc, as there is much more to check for income-related.

    I'd recommend getting back on to ESA - remember that the people who answer the phone are callcentre staff, so not all have knowledge of benefit entitlement, so if it seems that they don't know what they're talking about, ask for a callback from the benefit centre.

    Let us know if they're still not making sense!

    Kind regards,


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