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I have now received the papers for my Tribunal appeal from the DWP.  They say they have sent a response to the Tribunal in which the conclusion is they oppose the appeal & want it dismissed.  They still believe the Health Professional as her evidence is up to date.  She is apparently is an Independent trained disability analyst & have assessed my functional ability based on their knowledge of my medical conditions.  They declare the Health Professional report is objective & accurately reflects my ability to complete the Daily Living and Mobility activities.

I hope the tribunal see it all as a work of fiction and award PIP.  I am just waiting for a hearing date & hope the tribunal people can see for themselves my problems.

To make matters worse the DWP also want me to go to a F2F assessment for my ESA.  I had a letter the other day with an appointment but I had to cancel it because the time was not suitable.  They did not have any alternative appointments so I am on a list for when a suitable appointment comes up.  I have contacted my MP about this but have received no reply from him yet.


  • duckett123
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    contact your local health care at your nearest council department they will help and could go with you or for you they supported me and I won good look

  • poppy123456
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    It's standard precedure for DWP to appose ALL appeals, so i wouldn't worry about that part. The Tribunal are very fare and understanding, they will listen to you and let you speak, i'm assuming you're planning on appearing in person? As this is your best chance of winning.

    Waiting times for Tribunals are very long accross most of the country, some have waited almost 1 year.

    For your ESA assessment, do make sure you attend the next one because you can only cancel it once. Good luck for both of them.
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    Admin maybe you should stop the never ending blue badge disagreement cos hrs not taking info in 


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