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Hi, my name is ciara1608!

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My husband and I got cerebral palsy quad, I got athetoid and David has got  spastic. I am much more physically able which is frustrating for us as a couple as we are quite intimate and we like to explore. We have been sexually active for a while but only in cowgirl position. We tried spooning but didn’t work and a variety of positions but we haven’t had any luck. I had looked on internet and nothing useful to us.
We know that we would need someone who has experience in this area but we are not too sure where to look.
We would really appreciate it if someone knows what to advice us about this.
Ciara and David 


  • JennysDad
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    Hello Ciara and David @ciara1608 and welcome to the community. I notice that your post is in the 'Ask a sex and relationships expert' forum, and that's excellent. The link to that particular forum is here https://community.scope.org.uk/categories/ask-a-sex-and-relationships-expert so that (if you haven't done so already) you can have a look at what others are posting.
    In the meantime, bear with us, and people with the appropriate knowledge and experience will get back to you.
    Very warmest best wishes,
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    Hi to all those struggling with having sex and finding the best position ect. Being disabled doesn't mean we don't want or don't wish to engage in sexual activities it's just finding  the best method for our comfort and particular abilities that our disability allows us to attain the longest and best position to give and get pleasure and satisfaction to both partners, I feel for most of us it is going to be a trial and error affair having fun and learning as we explore sex from either our long life or new disability. Teenagers on having sex for the first time learn just as we have to educate our bodies to the new limits posed on us by the disability that limits our body movements.
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    Hello! And thank you for your post  :) I might have an idea for someone to speak to about this - let me make contact with them and check though.  Hope that's okay! 
    - Gill 
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    Thank you for getting back, hope to hear from you soon