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My Scoliosis story

Sarah1984 Member Posts: 43 Courageous

I have emailed Scope to see if they would share this on the main part of their website and i thought i would share it on here.  Have you heard of Scoliosis?  Below is my Scoliosis story. 

My name is Sarah and i am 34 years old.  I was born with Scoliosis, which is a curve of the spine.  I wore a corset brace for a while, when I was at school. After a while I didn't need to wear it anymore. Years a go, a doctor said it would be too dangerous for me to have surgery so I didn't have it. I am short in stature for my age because of Scoliosis. I can walk but when I go out I use a wheelchair (one that someone pushes me in) because I get tired walking. Every 4 or 8 months, (depends if my results are good) I have lung function appointments at a hospital.  I live on my own, but i have carers two days a week for 4 hours each day.  

i have a Facebook disability blog called See the person, not just the condition/disability  


  • Chloe_Scope
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    Hi @Sarah1984 and thank you so much for sharing this with the community! It is always really interesting to hear the stories of others and the experiences that they have had. Please do continue to be involved with the community and I hope you have a lovely day!

  • LittleGizmo86
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    Hi Sarah1984

    Thank you for sharing your story and the link for us. Welcome to the forum. I am going to like and follow your page. I have a friend who has scoliosis as part of having neurofibromatosis so it will be interesting and useful to read your journeys.

    Have a good day ?
  • Harrington
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    Hi Sarah1984

    Thanks for sharing your story of being with scoliosis..i too have scoliosis a double curvature and rotation despite my having had surgery with Harrington rod(hence my user name) i had no correction so i understand where your coming from with how it affects you daily..i recall the first time i had a lung function test it scared me i was a child at the time and the machine used looked scary!,of course now they are much more modern and compact..