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Getting training finding new path

hyancinth Member Posts: 17 Courageous
Hi everyone

Looking ahead, trying to that is. Im thinking I want to change things. What I do etc. ATM Im signed off but see my work coach monthly. Before I ask him can anyone tel me if theyve had any experiences asking/looking for new direction and has the JC anything to offer and what do you think?



  • mossycow
    mossycow Member Posts: 485 Pioneering
    Hi there, 

    Sounds exciting ☺ 

    Recognised myself in some of what ypu were saying... Though not an expert sorry. 

    But I have found that the best opportunities and interesting things come from meeting people. I didnt get as much support and ideas from ESA and jobcentre. 

    Currently I'm not 'really working'... Nothing that gives any income or demands more than my body can cope with.... But I do feel busy and useful. 

    I used to work as a teacher in a secondary school teaching music. I can't do that now but I spend time thinking about what I enjoyed around that role and what skills I have because of it. 

    For example, I'm fairly good at presenting information to tigers whether that is explaining something verbally or creating things on paper or online. I loved teaching because of the pastoral car and because it was sharing something I am passionate about... I love meeting people, learning what makes them tick and having them feel better after time with me feels good. 

    So, so thing I'm doing now, not for much money but feels full of purpose is helping local charities and companies write access guides and info for their buildings and services. 

    Another thing is helping out in a charity that has a shop/art gallery area. They needed someone to meet and great people in and raise awareness and help with access. 

    Other bits and bobs too... 

    I've found that getting out into my community thanks to my power chair thanks for Motability and PIP made a massive difference. I attended a craft event as a pre Xmas pressie to myself... And met one of the people I'm now involved with. Another I met while being nosy out shopping.. 

    Had you had any thoughts @hyancinth what area of work you'd like to look into next?

    Also, my husband is considering a change so I'm interested to follow this thread... 
  • hyancinth
    hyancinth Member Posts: 17 Courageous
    Thx for reply Massy. Inspiring. You are very busy and doing lots. Its very interesting actually. It helps you love people. Im afraid I have dep, anxiety and social anxiety issues. Im not unpleasant, the opposite, people think Im 'normal' but they have no idea of the energy and strain it takes to do that.

    Im disappointed JC didnt help, Ive been fearing this. I went to a govt funded training organisation and they couldnt tell me what they have until Id registered. Umm odd that. From what I was being told it would take months of chatting to get somewhere.I dont need months of coaching and deliberating.

    I am volunteering but its goal is to help my mental wellbeing not work or social aspect.

    Im standing outside of myself like a manager trying to help myself but I need a bit of help. I think hard work not sitting down not too much customer contact.  For now, until I am hopefully back to me mentally. 

    I wonder if I volunteered to train for free in something would I be allowed. Im sure some employers would be interested.

  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,555 Disability Gamechanger
    It's great that you are wanting to progress in a field @hyancinth! It is great to hear your thoughts on this :) I admire your volunteer work and think it is such a great thing that you are doing!

  • debbiedo49
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    @hyancinth in my case I received help from different agencies to get me into employment. Where I live, a charitable mental health organisation offers employability advice and support. I self referred and got free one to one support to get me on track. Then, I was offered one to one support from another mental health organisation working with the job centre on a pilot scheme to help folks back to work. At the same time, I was doing other things to build my confidence. When a part time vacancy came up, I got the support I needed to go for the job. I still sign on as its less than This support carried on regularly. Now about one year later I am thinking about working more hours. Good luck
  • Geoark
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    @hyancinth my experience was that they were more obstructive than helpful. To give an example, as part of my voluntary work I received a lot of training from different providers.

    One of the courses I did was procurement in repairs at Trafford Hall (National Communities Resource Centre) but as it involved travelling on a Friday I asked my work coach if it was okay, they said no. After that I did not bother asking again.

    I was lucky in my voluntary work as I was trying to move from manual work to office based work and the primary training available was among the best in the UK. It was one of the key selling points when others were showing interest in joining. In one year  with a commitment of one Saturday a month you could receive most of the training you would need to consider running your own business. Business planning, employment law, managing finances, budget setting, managing people and fraud awareness were just some of the courses. I also did training via ACAS, council and other organisations and went on to do a level 3 and level 4 certificates which eventually helped to get me back into work.

    That said, while the training was really important, after spending a couple of years trying to get into a related field of work I was getting no where and mentioned on LinkedIn that I was considering giving up and trying something else and someone kindly pointed me to a person who was managing a scheme to help disabled people into the type of work I wanted. In my first interview I did not expect to get the training position knowing the calibre of people who were interested, so was more  relaxed and I had decided to play to my own strengths - my experiences with my voluntary work. So when I got the phone call telling me I had been accepted I started thanking them for interviewing me etc and had to stop and ask them to repeat what they said. Five years later I am still with the company.

    I get paid more than I ever did previously and for work I love and with a fantastic team of people who genuinely look out for each other. The training and voluntary work got me to the stage where I was ready, but it was networking which finally got me the job.

    As an individual I stood alone.
    As a member of a group I did things.
    As part of a community I helped to create change!