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Short ESA re-assessment

Hello all, 

 I finally had my assessment last week after having it had rescheduled for a second time, on both occasions I attended only to be rescheduled. On the third visit (I was seen after an hour and a half wait) I saw a doctor, she was very pleasant, however, she rushed the assessment, her sole focus was on the bowel issues (faecal urgency and incontinence) . I had to push her to ask about my mental health (depression and anxiety, under the care of a psychiatrist, and taking anti-depressants), even then she brushed it off. No medical was done, none of the questions that were asked in my first assessment was even broached. This has left me unsettled when I asked her why has she not asked in detail about my mental health issues, she said that the DWP sets the questions to which she asked about (I find that to be nonsense). She then went on to say, that a short interview usually means a favourable outcome to the claimant. This really worries me, any advice, please? 

Thank you. 


  • pigeon55
    pigeon55 Member Posts: 116 Courageous
    I recently had the same at my uc assessment. They don't usually do things to favour us im anxiously awaiting my assessment report.
    Hope things go well for you.
  • starboard
    starboard Member Posts: 1 Listener
    Hi Kat,
    The assessment you have had suggests that you meet support group for continence problem. If it is evident from the information in your form or additional evidence provided that you are likely to meet support group the assessor does not have to continue with the full assessment.
    Not much help but hope you get the right outcome soon.
  • KSmith
    KSmith Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Thank you all, apologies for the late reply, my claim has been reviewed. I've been placed in the support group, I'm glad that this stress has been lifted. Allowing me time to focus in getting better (I hope!).  
  • pigeon55
    pigeon55 Member Posts: 116 Courageous
    Had my report and I have been placed in the support group or what ever it's ca
    Pled now I'm in uc. Just amazes me after almost 2 yrs of fighting to be put in the esa support  group after my cb esa stopped I get assessment  for uc and within a month I have been moved groups. Thus saving them 2yrs benifit  payment to me. Finally some assessor identified my medical problem.


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