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PIP MR causing depression, can anybody help?

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Please help. I received a letter of PIP refusal despite being on it for years & with a deterioration of health & more operations. This problem sounds simple in theory but in practice ?? Ever since I received the decision it sent me into depression. Not a new thing for me but to say it knocked me for six would be an understatement. One of  the many, many health problems I suffer with is CFS. I am so 'brain-fogged' that although I read words I cannot absorb them. Its evil. So here's the problem. I have asked for a Mandatory Reconsideration & I have to send this off, along with a letter from my GP by the 22nd Nov. I can't do it. Every time I think about it I start crying (pathetic I know). This is partly because of the damning summary the decision maker made & also because I never see my health problems in their enormity. Yes, I'm in pain every day. Yes, I am on a ridiculous amount of medication but how often do any of us write down ALL of our health problems & see them for what they are & how much you really have to cope with ? Its upsetting & depressing, I'm sure you'd agree. So, that's why I am having trouble getting on with this letter. I could ask my mum to do it for me but that would still require me to relay every pathetic detail ergo using the mental strength I simply don't have at the moment. I don't particularly want to ask for more time either as the PIP was a huge help in allowing me to travel around by taxi. Can ill afford that on the ESA as that just covers my bills. I guess all I'm asking is that if your reaction to being declined had the same adverse reaction as it had on me, what spurred you on to get this letter done & what did you find helped you with regards to writing it ?? Like I said, in theory it sounds simple enough. 
Many thanks in advance & apologies for the essay !! 


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    Hello @ellekaye Pleased to meet you welcome.

    Thank you for joining and sharing.

    Sorry to hear that you having problems with PIP. Understand as do many of the community can identify what you are saying and how you are feeling.

    I am one. The main issues at the present time is the fear of failure. Mentally it is draining and I apologise you have to face that again.

    Being applying on and off benefits for twenty plus years and ongoing. My story is simple being reassessed constantly on and off for the duration. Every 18 months to two years. 

    On a roundabout one school says am fit another says unfit. Around it goes for twenty years plus.

    I had a intervention from a  support worker.  Concern this was not helping. Being on this roundabout.  Also in my last PIP lost the car on the scheme called Motability.

    I know feel only sadness and pity towards those who are always going to hurt and harm you. Lie constantly for what.

    I am a proud member of this community. Use and support my time to help those who have failed in there quests to get benefits.

    As a member of the community champions team.

    Understand the issues you have been going through.

    I want to reassure that if you want the PIP benefit that then you need to send off the letter.  We are here to support you anytime you wish to. We do not judge.

    That is your choice and it is up to you.

    My concern is your mental state and how we as a community can advise you.

    Please take care

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    Hi @ellekaye, and a warm welcome to the community!

    Thanks for sharing this with us, and I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling low. The appeals process can feel overwhelming at times, but many of our members here on the community have also been through the process and will advise wherever they can. We're all here to support you!

    When it comes to completing the MR, there's a really useful online tool for putting together the letter on the AdviceNow website. Do have a look, and see if it's helpful. Citizens Advice also have some great guidance on their website that may be worth a read. Have a go, and do come back to us with any further questions. I hope today's as kind as possible to you!
  • Waylay
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    Hi @ellekaye

    I reacted in exactly the same way for 8 months leading up to my tribunal. :/ The only way it got done was when I asked for help from friends. (Don't wait! I asked at the last minute, and it was a stressful rush.) You're not alone. My counselor says the way I reacted is basically an acute trauma response. As I have C-PTSD, that's really unhelpful!

    I advise trying out benefitsandwork.co.uk. Very useful guides, step by step advice for both mental and physical health, as well as examples. Costs 20GBP for a year's membership, but well worth it.

    Feel free to DM me.


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