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Scams on bank accounts

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Hi just WARNING to all  the nice people on scope We've found out more this morning if you receive an e-mail or text  supposedly from your bank or credit card company please contact them first as the scams are from Chile and China if you should ring the number on the e-mail or text even if it looks similar to your bank or credit card  company calls will cost £10 a minute even if it just rings & ring's then automatically cut off after 3 to 5 minutes lucky I had the sense to ring CARL58 bank yesterday but this morning I wanted to know more trouble is the bank blocks your account and sends out a new card and security code incase the scammers have more details than just your name I don't want to panic anyone just want people to be safe than sorry jen


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    Also to add all credit/debit, current account(s) will never be asking for any form of details within an email etc.

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