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Ig we loose the tribunal can we re-apply

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Hi everybody, my friends tribunal is a 5 days , Hes not got a representative and i cannot attend as i have stage 4 kidney disease .      He has very good evidence and we are convinced we could win a paperbased tribunal. We have been advised for him to attend but we are going to ring the HMTCS tomorrow to see about a paperbased as it really would be in my friends best interests as he has no representation and could cause more damage than good by attending. most people say he should go as theirs a better chance of him winning. But hes very fragile and he suffers Genuine panic attacks ect and i personally agree that it would be unfair to send him to a tribunal to have to fight his case oin his own. So we are going to take the plunge and ask for a paper based tribunal...

The name of the tread is still relevant dont worry folks.

After this tribunal, if he looses because of a paperbased tribunal. Can he immediately re-claim for PIP
it has been over a year since having it taken away from him and hes got alot worse without care and we now have all his evidence to present the DWP.

So if he looses can he reapply.

p.s hes also now on new medication... resperidome. 1.5ml



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    It really is in his best interest to attend the tribunal hearing, is their anyone else that can go with him for   support ?

    The tribunal cannot take into consideration his worstened condition, they can only consider how he was when the assessment took place.

    If he has no award in payment then there is no waiting time to re apply. However, unless his condition has significantly worstened and you have new evidence to support that, then you can likely expect the same result with the same evidence
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