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How long to wait for f2f pip assessment!!!

Angie321 Member Posts: 10 Listener
Hi I am so new to this forum but have found it really helpful for my here and now situation.
I applied for pip in the last week of October and after recent contact to DWP been told I will have a home visit but it won't be untill some time in January. I have been as helpful as I can by informing them of dates that I won't be available due to hospital appointments. I didn't ask for a home appointment they just decided it was in my best interest. My husband and I are really struggling financially on £75 per week ESA for me (this will go up to £109 in Jan) but nothing for him as he is self employed (he has not been able to take on work since my diagnosis as he's been looking after me)
Our here and now financial situation is really bad whilst waiting for the assessment... Christmas is cancelled this year we just can't afford it. I start radiotherapy tomorrow, I was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer in October, only diagnosed after the secondary bone cancer completely fractured my arm, up until that I was being treated for tendonitis!!! I have under gone 3 operations since diagnosis but I have lost all use of right my arm, I have gone from an independent working lady to being soleley reliant on my husband to wash, cook and take me to appointments, though he cannot claim carers allowance and I am not classed as disabled as I have not yet had my assessment. I start treatment on 2nd January for the cancer in my kidney, adrenal glands and lung. The thought of a f2f in the new year is daunting, but we need help, it seems that it's all or nothing and we are on the wrong side of nothing just now.


  • wilko
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    Hello a welcome, as you know PIP is not awarded on a diagnosis or illness or the amount of prescription drugs you are taking. PIP is awarded on your ability to preform the PIP descriptiors in a repeatable, safely and in a timely manner. The information you submitted in your application form will have to be justified at your F2F assessment. Hope you have a peaceful Christmas and maybe your husband can look into claiming carers allowance for looking after you, vist the government site for full details. 

  • Angie321
    Angie321 Member Posts: 10 Listener
    Thank you for your kind words, I have learned so much from this site and word of others. I know I tick a lot of the boxes of the descriptors, particularly the mobility side as I unable to drive my car due to the redundant though painful arm, but more so the pain and breathlessness from the lung cancer and back pain from the kidney cancer.

     Its all so new and a shocking diagnosis to comprehend but my advice to everyone out there is to listen to your body and act upon change. My symptoms started in March but I brushed it off until it got to this state.
  • poppy123456
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    HI and welcome,

    I'm one of the community champions here on scope and i advise people on the complex benefit system, i hope i'll be able to give you some advice today.

    I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis and i wish you well with your upcoming treatment!

    Firstly regarding your PIP claim, for your face to face assessment, it's the health assessment providers you need to ring and not DWP. The assessment process has nothing to do with DWP.

    I'm assuming you're claiming New style ESA which is contributions based and your husband working doesn't affect this. As you've been placed into the Support Group once that money increases you'll receive £111.65 per week and this will be from the 14th week of your claim.

    May i ask if you rent or own your own home?

    Firstly your financial situation, the only benefit that you maybe able to claim is Universal Credit but because it's a means tested benefit then you will need to claim as a couple. Claiming this will depend on savings/capital and household income, which will include any income your partner earns. Whether you'll be entitled to anything is very difficult to advise without knowing all of your exact circumstances.

    As you're claiming New style ESA then this will be deducted £1 for £1 from your UC amount and will reduce any UC you maybe entitled to by £483 per month. You will also be entitled to the LCWRA which is £336 per month.

    My advice is for you to either put all your details into a benefits calculator, if all your details are put in correctly it will tell you what you maybe entitled to. Make sure you put details in as a couple. Or you can speak to an advice agency near you for a full benefits check.

    Do be aware that if you claim UC then it's 5 weeks until you receive your first payment but if you're entitled then you will be able to ask for an advance payment but this will need to be repaid back from future UC payments.

    If you are claiming any tax credits or housing benefit then starting a claim for UC will end both of those and transfer to UC.

    Unfortunately, your partner will not be able to claim carers allowance unless you're successfully awarded the daily living part of PIP.

    These links will hopefully explain what UC is but a full benefits check will be very useful.

    Hope this helps.


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