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Hi .am not sure if anyone els has this problem but I'll write this for my brother anyway. He got awarded pip a while ago renewal. Thing is people can be so mean about it he doesn't tell anyone his business he lives in supportive accommodation has had mental health problems all his life .he didn't have much of a life compared to his other siblings he just took a wrong turn somewhere and was let down by us and society unfortunately. He's been telling me people are asking does he get pip and are coming across as jealous in ways that are extremely uncomfortable for him to the point where he wants to leave his supportive living. In my opinion that's a dangerous move for him he wouldn't last long on the outside. People can be so nasty and really cant mind there own business. I mean he was assessed by a mental health nurse .and they decided that he should get pip not him people just don't now how this works or don't care he doesn't have a quality of life sort to speak of .anyway i just wondered if anyone on this site has had the same experience with this. Thanks 


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    Really sorry to hear this @superman73! How are you doing today?

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    Hello @superman73   Pleased to meet you.

    Thank you for joining and sharing.

    Sorry to hear about your brother.

    Please may I suggest does he have support worker, he has a mental health nurse but this is something different.

    I know people are like this and it can be very distressing to hear the problems he has encountered.

    I had this with many instances people wishing to know.

    Using mental health charities means .

    Offering floating support some one to help and guide offer advice.

    He has a mental health nurse can work with her can be beneficial.

    Looking at benefits welfare and health.




    Another one is the use of an advocate RETHINK last organisation explain the situation to them, offer to speak on your brothers behalf.

    He will  need to discuss with them his issues and problems.

    If a complaint has to be made in the supported living accommodation.

    Also you may not know this many mental health charities hold groups sessions on self confidence how to communicate in awkward situations like this.

    Jealousy and anything to do with payments amounts a difficult one to deal with.

    Please can say this is bullying harassment and needs to be stopped.

    There instances if it mate crime. Befriended by others using him for their own gratification, accessing bank account or personal details under pressure.  

    Befriending someone not sure of being nasty intimidation means it can be bullied in to disclosing thing he does not need others to know.

    You need to discuss this with managers in the complex he is living in.

    If have to use RETHINK or other charities.

    Use Police another one do take this very seriously in deed.

    Please if you have any questions please me happy to help.

    Please take care and safe.


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