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ADHD and Anxiety advice needed

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I'm new and looking for some advice. I have ADHD and severe anxiety and  I've always struggled going out and about, shopping, being in public spaces and day to day tasks, my anxiety makes it difficult being around people. I never go out and about on my own as it fills me with too much stress and worry alongside my poor concentration levels and difficulty feeling realxed. With the pandemic going on my anxiety levels have been crazy high, I find it even more difficult to go out and about but luckily have my fiance to help me and encourage me.

Unfortunately when going out on an occasion to a shop, I was told only one person would be allowed in at a time, once I arrived at the entrance I spoke to the worker and asked if my partner could enter with me as I have a hidden learning difficulty and find it difficult to shop alone, at this point my partner was still waiting at the front of the queue while I walked forward to discuss the matter. (Mentioning this was so nervewracking as I feel embarassed of my condition as I appear fit and well, though I know I shouldn't be embaressed it's difficult to mention and talk about). Immediately, the worker turned towards my partner and loudly asked "Do you have any proof of this?". I was so embarassed at this point as the rest of the queue began to stare and wonder... I quickly and quietly then mentioned that I did not have proof but explained my condition and after being looked up and down and given a glare he reluctantly let my partner in with me. This experience was awful and just made me want to lock myself away and cry.

Since this I have been searching the internet for some sort of ID (I don't want to have to carry around a diagnosis letter) so that I don't have to go through any of that again! However, I can't seem to find anything for me and has led me to become more confused about the definition of my condition of ADHD and if this is classed and a disability or not and if I can even get some sort of proof for it. I don't know what is available to me for this condition, if anything at all, there doesn't seem to be much information available that discusses what is support is availble for adults with ADHD as there isn't too much research...

Any information or advice on ID / proof, support and what my conditions are classed as would be super helpful. (Sorry for the long post!)



  • Wini1960
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    Hi V arch I complete understand. I have bouts of agoraphobia myself. What may be a starting point is going out with someone ie friend or partner if you have one. Maybe from there get your friend to the shop and you walk to them. Make sure you have your phone and their phone number so if your anxiety is too much you can phone them for help. It is a struggle. I have had CBE and talk therapy but only got as far as going out with my partner. All the very best.
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    Something like that happened to me. I went in the Co-op and didn't realise there was a queue. I got told I couldn't jump the queue and I explained I hadn't seen it. Something then fell off the shelf and he snapped at me for knocking it off. I swear the staff at my local have to have obnoxious and rude on their cv to get a job there.
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    Hi awesomelorenzo it can be difficult when people don't know what you are going through or don't care. Unfortunately, we all have our flaws and problems but they shouldn't bring what is happening to them to work. I worked for a company for 21 years I learned that people can be pleasant and obnoxious it's just who you meet at the end of the day.