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"To Be Continued"

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Further to the "Another Idea" thread, I had already thought it was a good idea for someone to start a story, different folk continue a further bit to the story. I'd come in later if I felt it was good, so here goes:

At Wayne Manor the Batphone rang. Batman answered. As always happens these days Batgirl's Cell Phone automatically got the same call and Batgirl listened in.

"Commissioner here. Please don't come to the Precinct this time, but come to me at the Warehouse at Fifth Avenue. A heinous crime has been committed and I'm sure that you folk can sort out the clues"

"OK Commissioner" Batman replied" We'll be straight there"

" At Fifth Avenue a excited Harley cried out "Wow Joker Baby, with that voice sync of yours, even I would have thought that the voice of the Commissioner"

"and with my fab technology" Joker exclaimed, "that call would have registered as the Cell Phone the Commissioner usually uses.........................


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    The office phone to answer work related calls. What do you want? I can take a message for him. Currently he is in a very important meeting in the boardroom. Joker then repeats the message as he writes it down in his notebook. Thank you for your patience and I hope that you have a good day too. Let me know if you need more help. 
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    The first to reach the area was Batgirl on her Batgirl Cycle. As she come up towards the Warehouse some sort of Sonic Wave hits her    "OW"    she falls off her Cycle laying injured. A group of Jokers Hench men and women come out and carry her in to the Warehouse.....                                                                                                  [who wants to continue?]  
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                                                                                                      [I really want someone else at least to write something further.                                                                                                    Its our story so you can bring characters in from somewhere                                                                                                      else, like Marvel or Buffy. Please not character like Snoopy                                                                                                        Doo, tho' and I thought that Marvels character Groot was                                                                                                            stupid]       , 
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    Batgirl slowly wok from a drug-induced sleep, finding herself tied to a pole and Ball-gagged, still hurting from the fall from her bike. She hazily saw Batman and Robin come in the Warehouse, only for a weighted net to fall on them and for knock-out gas to come from somewhere, rendering them unconscious.

    [Now I'm hoping one or more folk will continue the story from here]
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    Just a reminder that there are members on this forum who are under the age of 18. We ask that content remains appropriate. Thanks. :)

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    [ @Chloe_Scope  The 60's Batman was for under 18s. Thats when I got interested in Super Heros and all that]
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    [Anyway I'll wrap this story up on the next Post. See if someone wants to start another story in time to com].
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    Suddenly the Tardis materialised and the occupants came out [The current female Doctor and companions and...]. Almost immediately there was a sound outside and the Waverider had landed, the Legends of Tomorrow came out and came in to the Warehouse. (The current crew plus....]. The Captain of the Waverider, Sara came to the Doctor and said "I know what we do is haphazard, but you- you just blunder in to everywhere. The way you defeated the Cyber men here caused a situation where The Joker was able to take up  the ownership of this Warehouse, which was never meant to happen." The Doctors companion Graham butted in "That's not really fair. We came back and I recruited these five mates of mine for this situation." Sara carried on "We managed to find Hawkman and Hawkgirl at a point in time and space, to re-recruit them and add them to us for this purpose. Gary will untie Batgirl and take her into the Waverider and Gideon will heal her. This substance will bring Batman and Robin back to the land of the living". So she went over to Batman and Robin and got them up and running. "Now we find this lot and bring them back to Justice. So they did they went round the Warehouse, finding The Joker, Harley Quinn and their Hench men and women and in the ensuring fight they managed, together, to round up the Criminals and bring them to Justice.     {The End}
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    I really like your story it was an enjoyable read well done 
    Thank you for sharing your story
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    Maybe a simpler less niche story would be easier?

    For example: 
    Jane, Harry her husband and two children Mark and Sarah all decided to go on a picnic. They packed all sorts including sandwiches, cake and lemonade and placed them all in the car within a hamper. It was a lovely sunny day and Jane found herself thinking “everything’s perfect, what could possibly go wrong.” 

    “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

    ― Dalai Lama XIV