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What was your timescale to getting a decision on PIP after assessment?

depressedmum09depressedmum09 Member Posts: 34 Courageous
I had my PIP telephone assessment on Monday 27th July, I received a text to say they received the report on Tuesday 28th July. I called to request the report and received it through the post on Thursday, 2 days later. I know the official timescales are 2-8 weeks for a decision to be made but has anyone received one quicker than this? 
Its been 25 weeks now since i initially made the claim, i just want it all over and done with. 


  • SussexAndySussexAndy Member Posts: 15 Courageous
    Hello again Depressedmum.  

    My experience was prior to Covid 19 and there were significant changes since then.   But just to say - I made my application in June 2018.  I was not assessed until October 2018.  one month later in November 2018 I received my first refusal letter. 

    It took the DWP another month to respond to my request for a re-decision where the DWP completely ignored the information I sent them.  Refusing a second time in December 2018.  

    December 2018 I submitted my appeal to the tribunal.   

    In March 2019 - I final received a a response from the DWP which was sent to me by the tribunal.  It was their entire bundle seeking that the claim be struck out.    

    I wrote to both the courts and the DWP as part of their bundle included the assessors original assessment.  Being the first time that I had saw it, I was able to see the lies from the ATOS assessor and that the DWP cut n pasted from her report. 

    In November 2019 I had my tribunal. 

    I was rewarded a Higher rate living and the low rate for mobility.     The DWP then had to back pay in full from the date of application in June 2018. 

    At the time my experience was typical.  But as I said there has been changes since so I do not know if that remains the case. 

    Hope this helps 



  • laurapeachlaurapeach Member Posts: 102 Pioneering
    I had my assessment on the 8th of June and had the decision letter on the 2nd of July. I got my backpay the day before my letter. It is a long process, I put in my mandatory reconsideration the week after I got my decision and still haven't heard anything either.

    Fingers crossed you get what you think you're entitled to first time so you don't have to wait even longer for the PIP :) 
    Mum of one, I have M.E/CFS, POTS, Central Sensitization Syndrome and Joint Hypermobility Syndrome.
  • janer1967janer1967 Member Posts: 10,055 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome to the community, glad you have joined and that members have shared their experiences with you.

    It really is just a waiting game Im afraid and every case is different depending on the decision maker and their workload and backlogs

    Fingers crossed it will be within the 8 weeks but this is just a guide I am afraid

    Keep us updated with your outcome

    What did the report indicate you had been recommended
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger
    Timescales depend on backlog in your area and all areas are different. The quickest i've had a decision on PIP is 4 days after my assessment and the longest is 6 weeks.

    As you've received a copy of your report then you'll at least have some idea what that decision is likely to be because it's rare they go against it.

    I know it's stressful waiting but there's nothing more you can do but wait.
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